6 Best Wagyu Beef in Kyoto

Best Wagyu Beef Restaurants in Kyoto

Slices of raw Wagyu Beef

What is Wagyu beef? There may be some people who are not familiar with this word. The word simply refers to Japanese cow or beef. Those best quality Wagyu cattle are carefully raised by licensed owners and shipped to high-class restaurants. What is more special about Wagyu beef is that the quality of their fat which gives the meat to be full of moist with smooth texture. Although Wagyu is not as well-known as the other Japanese cuisines such as sushi or tempura, we strongly recommend you to put Wagyu on your must eat list in Japan.

The famous tourist city in western Japan, Kyoto has several great restaurants where you can taste a wide variety of premium Wagyu beef. Here I introduce 5 best restaurants in Kyoto where serve top rated Wagyu beef.

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1. Wagyu Beef Yutaka

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Every slice of meat here in Yutaka is unique. Yutaka believes that all cut of the meat is different even if they are from the same kind of cattle. When purchasing cattle from all over Japan, Yukata makes decision based on the weather conditions of the year and the other regional features to ensure that they are buying the best Wagyu of the day. Plus, Yutaka also consider how those cattle were grown and their quality of fat to determine how much time should it be grilled and then carefully adjust the whole cooking process which could make a big difference on the taste. This special Wagyu which you can only enjoy at Yukata will make your trip unforgettable.

Access: 5 min walk from Gion-Shijo station

Business Hours: 11:30AM–1:30PM 5:30–9PM (Mon-Sun)

Price Range: 3000–4000yen (lunch), 30000~(dinner)

Map: http://bit.ly/2GteO74

2. Miyoshi

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Ultimate Wagyu beef that melt at the moment you put them in your mouth. Chef Ito at Miyoshi is more of a craftsman rather than just a chef. He has thorough experience in Japanese Kaiseki’s cuisine, and the taste of the dishes he serves will let you live the special moment of your trip

In the restaurant, modern Japanese lighting created by traditional Washi paper makes calm atmosphere. You can enjoy not only the gorgeous calming interior of the restaurant but also the chef’s vivid knife skills on the ingredients. In each process of cooking, chef Ito sharpens his knife and creates unparalleled luxurious beef dishes.

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Access: 5 min walk from Gion-Shijo station

Business Hours: 6–11PM (Mon-Sat)

Closed: Sunday

Price Range: 30000~ (dinner)

Map: http://bit.ly/2THnCdC

3. Izutsuya Sanjo

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Izutsuya’s cattle and their wagyu dishes have won numerous awards every year at the Wagyu beef contest sponsored by Kyoto City, they received the “Best beef Award”, and also they were given an award of “Best Governor Prize at the Kyoto Prefectural Association contest. They are especially famouse for their lean beef that has the finest fat quality.

Izutsuya’s own Wagyu brand Tamba Wagyu cattle are brought up at their own ranch. They also procure seasonal vegetable and fresh seafood from the mountain Satoyama of Kyotanba. The company also hires the professional Wagyu chefs to make sure of the best quality of Tamba Kuroge Wagyu beef cattle are being sent to the restaurant. The 2-story restaurant was renovated from a traditional Japanese teahouse and serves wagyu beef with yakiniku on the 1st floor and teppanyaki on the 2nd floor.

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Access: 3 min walk from Karasuma-Oike station

Business Hours: Lunch 11:30〜15:00/Dinner 17:00〜22:00

Closed: Monday and Wednesday (2nd floor)

Price Range: 5000–6000 (dinner)

Map: http://bit.ly/2DYiagW

4. Yakiniku Yazawa

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At this Wagyu restaurant Yazawa, they only serve the highest A5 ranked Kuroge Wagyu beef. Japanese BBQ YAZAWA (Yakiniku Yazawa) has numerous branch restaurants all over the world including Tokyo and is loved by celebrities. Yazawa’s philosophy of spreading the “Kuroge Wagyu” the representative ingredients of Japan and the leading Japanese food culture of “Yakiniku”to the world never stop attracting beef gourmet

“Yakiniku Yazawa” only uses top-quality Kuroge Wagyu amongst Japan and uses carefully selected ingredients based to their own standards. Different parts of Wagyu Beef are selected by eyes of skilled artisans regardless of the producing areas. They are always confident in serving the best fresh and delicious Wagyu cuisines

Access: 3 min walk from Shijo station

Business Hours: 5PM–12AM (Mon-Sun)

Price Range: 10000–15000

Map: http://bit.ly/2Guf7ie

Official Website: http://www.yazawameat.com/index_k.html

5. Nikukappo Futago

Nikukappo Futago is a wagyu beef restaurant opened in 2022 as a new addition to the luxury hotel The Junei Hotel in Kyoto. The interior of the restaurant, which is based on Japanese modern style, is divided into semi-private and private rooms. In a special private space that connects the ordinary with the extraordinary, they provide a full-course meal made with the finest wagyu beef and seasonal ingredients. With the concept of “Iki”, which can be translated into four different words, live, breath, chic and spirit, Futago is committed to deliver the finest dining experience with high quality food, service and decor.

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Access: 6 min walk from Shichijo station

Business Hours: 17:00 ~ 22:00

Price Range: 15000–20000 (dinner)

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/11Z5wuQFnV7fumnT7


Copyright © Misono Inc.

Misono (みその) is a long-established restaurant opened as the first teppanyaki restaurant in Kobe City in 1945. Misono has a branch in Kyoto since 1982, which has been a popular place to dine among both Japanese and foreign visitors.

Misono’s passion for Kobe Beef is incomparably strong that they even set the strict standard of their own to rank Beef Wagyu such as; being a pure Kuroge Wagyu (Japanese black cattle), having passed 24 months or longer after the birth, and having not given a chemical feed or growth hormone. Misono considers these conditions as essential factors for raising Kobe Wagyu cattle. Misono also offers wine, sake, beer and shochu that best fit each of their dishes. Personally, I recommend you to try the sake called Hukujyu(福寿), a 300-year-old, fruity and refreshing sake that is also rooted in Kobe City.

<<Make a reservation at Steak Misono Kyoto>>

Access: 5 mins walk from Kawaramachi Station

Business Hours: Lunch 11:30 – 15:00/Dinner 17:30 – 22:00

Closed: Tuesday

Price Range: 3,000-5,000 yen (lunch), 10,000 -15,000 yen (dinner)

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/KymTzc9HP9s1GC3n6

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