3 Days Itinerary in Tokyo: High-tech Obsession

One of the biggest highlights in Tokyo, high-tech culture of Japan is one thing that you should not miss! One of the most futuristic cities…

One of the biggest highlights in Tokyo, high-tech culture of Japan is one thing that you should not miss! One of the most futuristic cities in the world, Tokyo will surely amaze you with its advanced technology and modernized culture. I’m going to introduce how to experience cutting-edge technology in urban area of Tokyo in 3 days.

Day 1: Akihabara

To shop high-tech electric gadgets in Japan, Akihabara is the best as it’s often describe “there is no electric products you can’t find in Akihabara”. There are numbers of shopping malls in Akihabara from small to large, offering brand new products to secondhand ones with great rates. Once in Akihabara, experience another big culture of the town, “Otaku”. You can find many shops selling stuff related to manga, anime and gaming or go to famous maid cafe!

Recommeded activities in Akihabara area: Shopping, Maid Cafe, Owl Cafe, Go-Kart rental

Day 2: Roppongi

Roppongi is home to numerous offices and one of the largest business districts in Tokyo with modern buildings. There are two large integrated property developments “Roppongi Hills” and “Tokyo Midtown” which offer hundreds of shops, restaurants, Tokyo’s most modern museums. Roppongi Hills has an amazing observatory with great view of skyscrapers. Roppongi is also popular area for clubbing among both Japanese and foreigners.

Or head to Shinjuku at night for the famous, crazy Robot Restaurant!

Recommeded activities in Roppongi area: Shopping, Museums, Dining, Clubbing

Day 3: Odaiba

Odaiba itself is a newer place than other part of Tokyo. It’s an artificial island on Tokyo Bay with cutting edge buildings, which can be reached by the elevated train line Yurikamome.

Visit Miraikan, where exhibits technology including human robot Asimo, and two Japan’s biggest electronic companies’s exhibitions Panasonic show room and Sony Explore Science are both in Odaiba. Also, at Toyota Mega Web, you can try test drive of Toyota’s latest vehicles. Enjoy the modern architectures in Odaiba with the huge option for shopping and dining. Also it’s one of the best spots in Tokyo for night view, offering amazing scenery with Tokyo Bay, the Bay Bridge and shiny Tokyo city on the other side.

Recommended activities in Odaiba area: Shopping, Museums, Dining, Architectures,

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