Let’s Worship Meiji Shrine with a Million People!!

Meiji Shrine: the most popular shrine in Tokyo

Meiji Jingu is the largest Shinto shrine in Tokyo. Many people including visitors from overseas enjoy this shrine. Especially, over 3 million people visit here to make wishes for the coming year during the New Year’s holidays. It is located near the Harajuku Station (JR Yamanote Line) which is closed to Shibuya and Shinjuku.

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The shrine, constructed in 1920, is dedicated to the Meiji Emperor and the Shoken Empress. He had encouraged the country to modernize and westernize itself since he ascended the throne in 1869. She was known as the empress who had been committed to social welfare and education of women. People commemorate their virtues and venerate them, so they contributed fund for rebuilding it in 1958 after it was burn down by the WWII air raids once. Furthermore, thank to the people around Japan and from overseas, 100 thousands of trees were planted. That’s why you can find rich nature in the ground now.

At the entrance just near the Harajuku Station, an enormous shrine gate Torii greets you.


It takes about 10 min to get to the main shrine after passing the gate, so enjoy walking on the path. Quite a few barrels containing Japanese sake and wine are arranged along both sides of the path, which are offered to the shrine.



Wine and Japanese Sake

10 min walk takes you to the Meiji Shrine finally. There are 2 things at least you are recommended to experience.


Meiji Jingu Shrine


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  1. Worship

Here is an instruction about how to worship at shrines:

2. Get a wooden votive tablet and write down your wish

It is said that your wish will come true if you write down it on the tablet. You can buy it for JPY500 at the entrance of the main shrine section, and then hang it on prescribed place.


Where you can hang a votive tablet


Before getting out of there, you can also find a souvenir shop and a restaurant to take a break and get souvenirs.


Restaurant and Souvenir shop


Folding fun and Vase

Additionally, you can see many personal belongings and other things related to the Meiji Emperor and the Shoken Empress in Treasure Museum Main Building and Treasure Museum Annex. The former is at the northern end of the shrine ground, and the latter is next to the souvenir shop.


Treasure Museum Main Building

Treasure Museum Annex

More information at the website of Meiji Jingu↓↓↓

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