UNIQLO Evangelion T-Shirt Collection in Japan

UNIQLO is releasing Evangelion design T-Shirt 2020 spring!

The Japanese fast fashion retailer UNIQLO is becoming more and more popular even worldwide not only because its high-quality and super convenient heatteach products but also for its collaboration collections. The brand has realised that people love to buy clothes from their favourites series and movies and since then has collaborated with popular franchises such as Nintendo, MARVEL, Star Wars, PIXAR and famous animes like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Detective Conan, etc. 

On April 9th the company announced a new collaboration that I’m sure many people were waiting for, the mythical anime serie Evangelion! It’s not the first time that both companies collaborate, and the previous collection it was a completely success. Evangelion fans are lucky and will be able to buy T-shirts from their favourite anime again! The new collection will be released in Japan this month. 

Let’s check out the cool and unique designs of Evangelion T-shirts for the UNIQLO 2020!

UNIQLO Japan Evangelion T-Shirt Collection
© UNIQLO CO., LTD./ ©khara
UNIQLO Japan Evangelion T-Shirt Collection
© UNIQLO CO., LTD./ ©khara

The fashion and exclusive UNIQLO Evangelion T-Shirt Collection 2020 will be released in UNIQLO online and in-stores in Japan from 17 April 2020! The price is 1,500 yen. The available sizes are men’s XS-4XL.

If you’re a Evangelion fan living in Japan and are looking for a cool Evangelion T-shirts, this is your chance to get one (or several) of this awesome UNIQLOxEVANGELION collection!

Official Website: https://www.uniqlo.com/jp/ja/contents/feature/ut-eva2020/

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