New Traditional Japanese House Starbucks Store in Nagano

Starbucks Japan Launched a New Japanese-Style Store near Zenkoji Temple in Nagano

There are several unique and beautiful Starbucks stores in Japan including the traditional Machiya style store in Kyoto and the Edo-style wooden house store in Kawagoe City, and they have been popular tourist attractions nowadays.

In 2020 spring, Starbucks Japan opened another unique branch, featuring the tiled roof traditional Japanese house with historic stone lanterns. The “Starbucks Coffee Shinshu Zenkoji Nakamise Street Store” opened in March 2020 as the first regional landmark store in Koshinetsu Region, situated on the Nakamise Street, an approach/shopping street leading to Shinshu Zenkoji Temple in Nagano Prefecture.

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The store is set in the historical district near the magnificent temple, and feature very unique and fascinating architectural design with motifs of traditional Japanese house.

5 types of Nagano wood are used for the interior that warmly welcomes visitors and express the connection to the local community. The 2nd floor presents the beauty of the lights and shades of Japanese houses with Shoji (wooden framed paper window) and skylights delivering gentle light to the space.

In addition, there are several historical essences that present good old Japan such as stone lanterns and wooden beams. At this new Starbucks store, visitors can spend a little bit more quality and luxurious time while enjoying aromatic coffee!

Starbucks Coffee Shinshu Zenkoji Temple Nakamise Dori Store (スターバックス コーヒー 信州善光寺仲見世通り店)

Hours: 7:00 ~ 21:00
Store Space: 316.16 square meters
Number of Seats: 1st floor 37 seats, 2nd floor 44 seats

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