The Traditional Teahouse Starbucks Store in Kyoto

The World's First Tatami Starbucks in Ninenzaka Street in Kyoto

The world’s first “tatami” Starbucks store has opened in over 100 year-old traditional Japanese teahouse.. this beautiful historic Starbucks store is a new tourist attraction in Kyoto!

Kyoto is the famous Japanese city with full of traditional culture. Thousands of traditional buildings line on the street of Kyoto and create a perfect “traditional Japanese” atmosphere. Starbucks Japan has manage to mold their coffee shop into the most historic street of the city.

The Starbucks Japan has opened their first traditional Japanese style store in Ninenzaka Street in Kyoto. The street is in Higashiyama district, the very popular historical area of the city center which is closed to numbers of touristic sites including the famous Kiyomizudera Temple.

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This is Starbucks Coffee’s first coffee shop with tatami floor inside the 2-story traditional Japanese teahouse which is over 100 year-old. Instead of the Starbucks’ iconic green logo, the Ninenzaka Starbucks welcomes guests with a traditional Noren (entrance display). The interior stays as classic as exterior with Kyoto’s traditional lantern Hanatoro and multiple Japanese gardens. The coffee is located at the first floor, and there are tatami rooms on the second floor where guests can enjoy relaxing with coffee.

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So how amazing to enjoy your favourite Starbucks coffee in a very special atmosphere only here in Kyoto?? Also, remember Starbucks in Japan offers plenty of Matcha drinks and sweets 😉 On top of that, there are “Kyoto limited” items sold at most of Starbucks stores in Kyoto. This could be another reason to visit there!

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Without any doubt, this new Starbucks will be one of the top tourist attractions in Kyoto this summer!!


Address: Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya branch, 349 Masuyacho, Shimokawara Higashi Iri, Kodaiji Minamimondori, Higashiyama-ward, Kyoto

Hours: 8:00–20:00

Seats: 51

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