Sumida Aquarium: the Modern Aquarium at Tokyo Skytree

Guide to Sumida Aquarium at Tokyo Skytree

Sumida Aquarium

Tokyo, a city renowned for its blend of traditional culture and modern innovation, offers many sightseeing options for travelers and locals alike.

Among these, the Sumida Aquarium stands out as a serene escape into the aquatic world, nestled in the heart of this bustling metropolis. Situated within the Tokyo Skytree complex, this modern aquarium invites visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty and diversity of marine life.

This article aims to illuminate the unique experiences that await at Sumida Aquarium, a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Tokyo.

When you come to Tokyo, why not visit an aquarium among the various sightseeing spots?

What is Sumida Aquarium?

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Sumida Aquarium (すみだ水族館) is a park-like venue where visitors can meet and interact with living sea creatures.

Unlike traditional aquariums in Japan, Sumida Aquarium offers a unique experience. Visitors can sit on a chair in front of the tanks, enveloped by the ocean’s ambiance. Additionally, visitors can relax and chat at the café while admiring the marine life.

“The closer you get, the more you like it” encapsulates the aquarium’s concept, aiming to foster a deeper understanding and connection among visitors, the marine creatures, and the staff. This innovative design brings everyone closer, both physically and emotionally, inviting guests into a world of aquatic wonder.

What to do at Sumida Aquarium

Sumida Aquarium boasts various areas featuring penguins, jellyfish, fur seals, and coral reefs, among other things.

Highlights include one of Japan’s largest indoor open pool-type aquariums for Magellanic penguins, with a water capacity of approximately 350 tons, and an area themed after Japan’s Ogasawara Islands, showcasing diverse sea creatures.

The Edorium, Japan’s largest goldfish exhibition zone, displays goldfish in various colors and sizes.

Introduced in July 2020, Aqua Base is an interactive space where visitors can learn about food preparation and breeding equipment. It encourages engagement through discussions with the breeding staff and participation in hands-on programs, offering an educational experience for children and stimulating intellectual curiosity in adults.

The Penguin Café serves original menu items, including light meals, desserts, and soft drinks. The aquarium also allows food from outside, enabling guests to enjoy their meals amidst the marine ambiance.

The souvenir shop features exclusive products, with themed goods corners that cater to various preferences.

How to get to Sumida Aquarium

Sumida Auarium

Sumida Aquarium is accessible from Tokyo Station in about 31 minutes by train. Take the Marunouchi Line to Oimachi Station, transfer to the Hanzomon Line, and arrive at Oshiage Station. Then, take a 12-minute walk to the aquarium.

Alternatively, from Shibuya Station, it takes around 43 minutes to take the Hanzomon Line directly to Oshiage Station and then walk to the aquarium.

Tourist attractions near Sumida Aquarium

Sumida Aquarium

Tokyo Skytree (東京スカイツリー):

Tokyo Skytree, located in the same area as the Sumida Aquarium, is 634 meters high and the world’s tallest tower. It serves as a radio tower, and you can overlook Tokyo from the observation deck.

Konica Minolta – Planetarium Sky (コニカミノルタ – プラネタリウム天空):

Konica Minolta Planetarium Sky is in the same area as the Sumida Aquarium. Here, the original planetarium is being screened. You can also enjoy the planetarium using a round sofa, which is limited to a few people.

Tokyo Solamachi (東京ソラマチ):

It is a commercial facility in Tokyo Skytree Town. More than 300 stores with a wide variety make you feel the bustle of the new downtown. There are various shops such as restaurants and apparel shops, and you can enjoy shopping.

Sumida Aquarium offers a unique blend of educational and recreational activities, making it an ideal destination for families, couples, and solo travelers alike.

Whether you’re a marine life enthusiast or looking for a tranquil escape from the urban hustle, this modern aquarium is sure to enchant and educate.

We hope this article has provided valuable insights into what makes Sumida Aquarium a special place to visit in Tokyo, sparking interest in those previously unfamiliar with this aquatic gem.

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