Nakamise Shopping Street : Must-Try Asakusa Street Food

Enjoy Tokyo's street food! Nakamise is a traditional shopping street located at Sensoji Temple, Asakusa

Nakamise Shopping Street crowded with visitors

What is Nakamise??

The view from above: Nakamise Street in Asakusa

Tokyo’s most visited tourist destination, Asakusa is known for the great historical site complex and the old downtown atmosphere. The area attracts both Japanese and foreign tourists all year around.

One of best attractions of Asakusa is Nakamise, the shopping street which connects the main gate of Sensoji Temple, Kaminarimon Gate, and the main hall. The 250 m approach is lined with numbers of souvenir shops and food stalls and it’s a great spot to try traditional Tokyo’s street food. Visitors enjoy “Tabearuki” (means ‘walk-and-eat’ in Japanese) at Nakamise Shopping Street. In this article, I’d like to introduce must-try street food and snacks on Nakamise Shopping Street!

1. Ningyo Yaki

Traditional souvenirs sold at Asakusa

Ningyo Yaki: Unique mascot shaped cakes from Asakusa

Copyright: harukasan

Ningyo Yaki is the most popular souvenir from Asakusa and sold at many shops on Nakamise Street. It’s a sweet cake filled with sweet red bean paste usually in shapes of dolls,birds and Asakusa’s symbolic lantern “Kaminarimon”.

Watching a making process of the cakes is also fun! Check their traditional way to bake which hasn’t been changed nearly 100 years. Don’t forget to try it fresh,too!

Watching the demonstration of making Ningyo Yaki at Nakamise Street

2. Candies

Beautifully shaped candies are another popular souvenirs here. Colourful small candies are too cute to eat! They are often sold in beautiful traditional patterned cases.

Colourful Konpeito candies

Beautifully shaped Japanese candies sold in boxes

This unrealistically beautiful candy is called “Amezaiku” which is a traditional Japanese candy craft art.

Candy craft art in Japan: Amezaiku

↓↓Visit the most amazing hand-made candy shop in Tokyo! ↓↓

3. Kaminari Okoshi

Asakusa's traditional snack, Kaminari Okoshi

Another significant snack in Asakusa called Kaminari Okoshi is sweet puff rice crackers which has been beloved by locals since 18th century!

4. Kibi Dango

Mochi cakes covered by roasted soybeans flour

Kibi dango is sweet and soft rice cakes in a stick covered with Kinako flour (roasted soybean flour) which is one of traditional Japanese sweets from Edo period and at Kibi Dango Azuma in Nakamise street, you can enjoy their demonstration sale and try fresh.

5. Rice Crackers

Hand-made rice crackers sold at Nakamise Street

Various Japanese rice crackers

Try freshly made rice crackers! There are sold in various different flavours,toppings, sizes and even thickness or hardness! Nakamise is a great street to know about Japanese strong disciplines for rice crackers.

6. Imo Yokan by Funawa

Popular dessert: Imo Yokan

Imo Yokan is sweet potato jelly, which is a traditional Japanese confectionery. Funawa (舟和) is a long established Japanese sweets shop and indeed the creator of the Imo Yokan.

7. Bar Hopping

Hoppy Street in Asakusa filled by small Izakaya pubs at night

Photo by Magical Trip

The shops on Nakamise Shopping Street close at night, but you can explore the nightlife in Asakusa after dark, too! Join the bar hopping tour in Asakusa with a local guide! You can visit hidden local bars at the backstreet, and enjoy drinking with delicious authentic Japanese food like locals! Check the link below to find out more details 😉

Where is Nakamise?

Nakamise Shopping Street is only few steps away from Asakusa station! Accessible by Toei Asakusa Line or Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.

Take A3~A5 exit for Nakamise Shopping Street!

Ticket gates at Asakusa Station

Did you enjoy the list? For more info around Asakusa area, please check out these articles, too!

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