Starbucks Valentine’s Day Merchandise and Drinks 2023

Starbucks Japan 2023 Valentine's Day Tumblers, Mugs and Fondant Chocolat Beverages

Starbucks Valentine’s Day 2023

It is already well known that Starbucks Japan releases several limited-edition seasonal merchandise and beverage through the year such as Sakura Collection in Spring, Halloween Collection in Autumn and New Year Collection in Winter, and they are highly popular among Starbucks fans across the world.

 On 18 January 2023 Starbucks Japan will release a new merchandise collection and a limited-time beverage to celebrate Valentine’s Day (14th February), only available at Starbucks stores in Japan. The lineup goods for the 2023 Valentine’s Day season incorporate the classic Valentine’s motif of hearts and melting chocolate and includes stainless steel bottles, tumblers, mugs and more!

Starbucks Japan’s 2023 Valentine’s Day Collection could have a perfect gift for your loved one on this special day! Wanna take a lock? So let’s check out the full line up of Starbucks Japan Valentine’s Day drinkware collection and limited chocolate beverage!

-Valentine’s Day Merchandise Collection 2023

For those who don’t know, in Japan Valentine’s Day is not a romantic day of exchanging gifts but it is the day when women give chocolate to the man she likes (guys return the gift a month later on White Day). It is also sometimes given as a gift to co-workers, friends, etc. Chocolate is the undisputed protagonist of this day, so it couldn’t be missing in the new Starbucks collection.

Starbucks Japan 2023 Valentine’s Day Merchandise will go on sale from 18 January 2023 at Starbucks stores in Japan and the official online store. The collection includes 18 items such as tumblers, mugs and stainless bottles with limited heart motif designs inspired by Valentine’s Day.

Starbucks Valentine’s Day 2023
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Valentine 2023 stainless steel bottle  Colorful heart 355ml:  4,250 yen

Valentine 2023 stainless steel mini bottle  heart 355ml: 4,250 yen

Valentine 2023 Silicon Lid Stainless Steel Cup Mint 355ml: 3,400 yen

Valentine 2023 Stainless Steel Cylinder Tumbler Chocolate Bar 473ml: 4,200 yen

Valentine 2023 Stainless Steel TOGO Logo Tumbler Mint 355ml: 3,850 yen

Valentine 2023 Cold Cup Tumbler Heart 414ml: 2,200 yen

Valentine 2023 Mug Melting Heart 355ml: 2,500 yen

Valentine 2023 Mug Ribbon 355ml: 2,500 yen

-Valentine’s Day Beverage 2023

Starbucks Japan has also announced its first two flavors for Valentine’s Day season and how could it be otherwise are a chocolate base beverage. Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino and Fondant Chocolat Almond Milk Mocha will be available at Starbucks stores nationwide from January 18, 2023 (Wednesday). As the name suggests, for the 2023 Starbucks Valentine’s Day season they are introducing a new lineup of drinks inspired by the delicious and popular fondant chocolat, a must-have for chocolate lovers.

Starbucks Valentine's Day

The first item on the list is the Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino, a cold beverage that expresses the alluring fondant chocolat of chocolate that melts from the inside. The bottom of the cup is filled with a thick baked chocolate sauce combined original gateau chocolate blended with dark mocha powder, milk and ice. All of this topped with whipped cream, gateau chocolate crumb and baked chocolate sauce.

Like the Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino, the Fondant Chocolat Almond Milk Mocha is the first of the Fondant Chocolat beverages to be released. This hot drink combines espresso, chocolate sauce and warm almond milk to give the cafe a “hot chocolate feel” that can be enjoyed to the fullest. The final touch is whipped cream, gateau chocolate crumb and a chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream, gateau chocolate crumbs, and baked chocolate sauce.

Starbucks Valentine’s Day Drinks 2023

Release date: January 18, 2023 (Wed) – February 14, 2023 (Tue)

Available at: Starbucks stores nationwide *Excluding some stores

Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino 

Price: 678 yen (take-out) / 690 yen (eat-in) *Tall size only

Fondant Chocolat Almond Milk Mocha  

Take-out: Short 540 yen / Tall 579 yen / Grande 624 yen / Venti 668 yen
In Store: Short 550 yen / Tall 590 yen / Grande 635 yen / Venti 680 yen

The second beverage from the Valentine’s Day Collection 2022 will also be available from 2nd February 2022! Inspired by the traditional French chocolate cake Opera, the Opera Frappuccino is a chocolate-flavored Frappuccino with dark chocolate powder, chocolate chips, almond milk and a small amount of coffee. The top is layered with creamy whip and a glossy chocolate glaze sauce to create a rich “chocolate-soaked” flavor with a sprinkling of glittering gold dust powder as a finial touch.

Starbucks Japan Valentine's Frapuccino

Opera Frappuccino

Price: 776 yen / 790 yen (eat-in) *Tall size only

Sales Period: 3 February ~14 February 2023

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