Renting a Pocket WiFi in Japan for a Long Term

Long-term pocket WiFi rental guide in Japan

Pocket WiFi Rental for a Long Term

This is guide to rent a pocket WiFi in Japan for a long term at a discounted rate.

If you live or stay long in Japan, you need the Internet to connect anytime. It is vital to have an unlimited WiFi for working remotely from home with online tools like Zoom and enjoying watching various contents on video streaming sites including YouTube and Netflix.

You should choose a cheap WiFi rental without usage date limitation, and Japan Wireless currently offers a special 50% OFF plan for long-term users.

Mt.Fuji and Chureito Pagoda

This plan is highly recommended if you want to

-Get a pocket WiFi right now…

-Skip the troublesome contract and installment…

-Save the communication cost…

-Choose a rental term flexibly…


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Why is it recommended to rent a pocket WiFi for a long term at Japan Wireless?

If you live to need to stay in Japan longer than expected due to the Covid-19 situation, you may wonder until when you should exactly rent a WiFi. However, you want to avoid paying too much if the WiFi becomes unnecessary suddenly, don’t you?

Of course, you can easily extend the rental term for from 1 day and to month at Japan Wireless. To extend your rental term for a month, you can get the 50% OFF discount (e.g. ¥5,250 OFF) which is available every time.


-Is it possible to order extension after placing an order?

Yes, you can extend your rental term for from 1 day.

-Can I extend my rental term month by month?

Yes. You can pay month by month by credit card.

-When can I get the 50% discount?

The price for your order and extension is automatically discounted on the order form. The discount is available anytime you order to extend the rental term.

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