NAKED Autumn Light-Up in Shinjuku Gyoen 2023

Best Autumn Leaves Events in Tokyo: Autumn Leaves in Shinjuku Gyoen 2023 by NAKED

NAKED Autumn Leaves in Shinjuku Gyoen

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Every year after the end of the Summer, Japan is tinted in beautiful Autumn colors north to south of the country, attracting visitors from all around the world. Autumn is considered the second most beautiful season in Japan after the cherry blossoms in Spring.

The leaves changing colors in Autumn in called Momiji in Japanese, and one of the most popular activities is Momiji gari or autumn leaves hunting. As with cherry blossoms, Japanese and locals take advantage of this time of year to go to mountains, park or nature areas and enjoy the autumn scenery. The most famous are the red maple leaves and the yellow Ginko. But you don’t need to go that far to enjoy momiji as there are beautiful sites also in the heart of the city.

NAKED Autumn Leaves in Shinjuku Gyoen 2023 is an autumn lighting event that will be held at Shinjuku Gyoen from November 22 (Wed) to December 3 (Sun), 2023. The beautiful garden of Shinjuku Gyoen will be illuminated with the light effects by the creative company NAKED, INC., creating a seasonal scenery only available in this season.

Located in the business distric of Shinjuku Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑) is one of the biggest national park in Tokyo, with over 58 hectares and three different types of gardens. Is one of the most popular spots for cherry blossoms viewing in Spring and for momiji in Autumn. In Spring 2023 Shinjuku Gyoen and the well-known creative company NAKED, INC. collaborated together for the first time. Under the name NAKED Sakura Night Garden at Shinjuku Gyoen 2023, the event was a complete success.

NAKED Autumn Leaves in Shinjuku Gyoen
© 2023 NAKED,INC.

One of the highlights is the area called Autumn Breeze, a vast tree-lined avenue with golden plane trees illuminated for approx. 200 meters long.

This is a dynamic illuminated area that envelops the golden-red plane trees in a moving light show.

NAKED Autumn Leaves in Shinjuku Gyoen
© 2023 NAKED,INC.

Momiji-yama or Maple Mountain, is known as one of the best spot for maple trees viewing in central Tokyo. At night, it will be illuminated with Naked’s lights that looks like green maples are turning to red using fine dancing light particles.

NAKED Autumn Leaves in Shinjuku Gyoen
© 2023 NAKED,INC.

Last but not least, a point not to be missed is the Autumn leaf projection mapping at the pond in the middle of the park. Surrounded by trees in autumn foliage and Shinjuku skyscrapers in the background, visitors can enjoy Naked’s special projection mapping of maple and ginkgo trees dancing among the threes and its reflection in the water. A really beautiful an unique scene Autumn scene.

NAKED Autumn Leaves in Shinjuku Gyoen
© 2023 NAKED,INC.

In addition, a food and beverage area will be set up at the venue offering a special Japanese Autumn menu, including vegan sweets and drinks from the popular NAKED’s interactive restaurante TREE by NAKED located at Yoyogi.

NAKED Night Garden at Shinjuku Gyoen is expected to be one of the most popular autumn events in Tokyo this year, so it’s highly recommended to book the ticket in advance!

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NAKED Autumn Leaves in Shinjuku Gyoen 2023

Period: November 22 – December 3, 2023
(may be cancelled in case of inclement weather)

Hours: 18:00-22:00 (last admission 21:00, food and drink LO 21:30, closing 22:00)

Venue: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Book Ticket: NAKED Night Garden at Shinjuku Gyoen Admission in Tokyo 

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