Best Japanese Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin

Must-Buy Japanese Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin

A wide range of skin care products can be found in Japan according to the skin type such as normal, dry, oily, acne, anti-aging, etc. Having sensitive skin is one of the most common skin problems, and many skin care products are specially designed for those who tend to have trouble using regular skin care products.

As many types of cosmetics products are sold at drugstores in Japan, some skin care ranges for sensitive skin are also available. Moreover, the prices are as affordable as the regular skin care products.

In this article, I’d like share the best Japanese skin care products for sensitive skin, which are sold at drugstores at affordable prices.

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Curel by KAO offers a wide range of skin care products specially designed for dry sensitive skin. The skin care products of Curel Intensive Moisture Face Care Series are made with ceramide functioning ingredients that help to strengthen skin’s natural barrier function to lead to healthy and beautiful skin. It works effectively to keep skin moisturised and protect it from external irritation. Besides the skin care series, Curel product lineup includes UV care, body care, hair care and base makeup products which are all free of  fragrance, coloring and alcohol.

For those who hesitate to purchase the whole range of the skin care products, the Curel Trial Kit is also available which comes with mini sized Foaming Wash, Moisture Lotion, Moisture Face Milk, and Intensive Moisture Cream for 20 days.

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-MINON Amino Moist


MINON Amino Moist is a skin care series for dry and sensitive skin developed by Daiichi Sankyo, a global pharmaceutical company from Japan, based on its dermatological research. The skin care products of MINON Amino Moist series contain 9 types of moisture-retaining amino acid and 2 types of purifying amid acid which help the skin retain hydrated and healthy. Beside the skin care range for dry skin, MINON Amino Moist series also has a lineup for combination skin (comes in green packages).

For a start, the trial set is also available with a mini bottle set of: make-up remover, foam cleanser, moisturizing lotion Ⅱ and two small sachets of moisturizing lotion. I’d also suggest you to try the Moist Essential Mask, one of the top selling sheet masks in Japan that comes in a package with 4 sheets.

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-d program

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d program is a skin care brand by the global cosmetics company, Shiseido. The brand offers a wide range of skin care products for sensitive skin according to skin types: for unbalanced skin (blue-green), acne skin (yellow), dry and rough skin (pink), anti-aging (purple) and whitening (white). The products are alcohol -, -fragrance- and paraben additive- free and formulated with carefully selected ingredients which are considered to be safe and gentle on delicate skin based on Shiseido’s over 40 years research.

The each skin care series offers a trial set for one week which comes with mini bottles of lotion and emulsion.



Arouge is a skin care brand launched by a Japanese pharmaceutical company, Zenyaku Kogyo. The skin care products are specially designed for sensitive skin, and work effectively to improve the skin barrier function. The barrier moisturizer with natural ceramide and the nano moisture technology help to lead to healthy and hydrated skin. Besides the daily skin care products, the lineup includes special care products such as eye cream, lip essence and UV care.

A small trial set is also available with make-up remover, foam cleanser, moisturizing lotion, gel emulsion and moisturising cream for 2 days.


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ORBIS is one of the most popular skin care brands in Japan among all skin types. ORBIS’s skin care products are mostly alcohol free, oil free, fragrance free and colouring free, which are gentle on sensitive skin. Various range of skin care series can be found depending on skin trouble and types such as hydration (AQUA FORCE), whitening (ORBIS =U WHITE), acne (CLEAR) and aging care (ORBIS =U). The 3 weeks trial kit with face wash, lotion and moisturiser is available.

ORBIS products are usually sold by mail-order, but there are several directly operated stores in Japan where you can try their products and have a free skin care counselling. (Shop locator (Japanese only):

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Thanks for reading! I hope this article would help you finding skin care products suitable for your skin type! The great thing about the listed skin care products is that they do offer a trial kit so you can taste the products before buying a whole lineup 🙂

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