How to return my WiFi unit? [For Japan Wireless’s Customers]

To return the ordered items

Post Box
To return the ordered items Kindly pack everything into the return-envelope enclosed in the original delivery package to you.

This return-envelope is pre-paid and self-addressed so all we ask you is to pack (keeping the package as flat as possible),seal and then drop-off to your most convenient post box or post office.

Drop-off is available from anywhere in Japan.

Post Office and/or Post Boxes are available in your departing airport as well.

However, please note that the package needs to be dropped off before your security check. (No post box or other equivalent postal service is available after you go through the security check point.)

▽Location maps of post boxes in major airports▽

Please refer to the below links for official websites of major airports in Japan.




For postal service information of other Airports,please contact us via

Ready to return?? Please double check if all the rental items are included in your return envelope.

1 x wifi router

1 x USB Cable

1 x AC adapter

1 x Extra Battery

1 x Pouch

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