What to Buy at Kansai International Airport

Kansai Airport Shopping Guide

Shop special souvenirs from Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, etc.. at the biggest airport in Western Japan! Here are 10 must-buy products at Kansai International Airport (KIX)!

Kansai International Airport (KIX) is the biggest airport in Western Japan connecting a large numbers of domestic and international flights daily. It’s the most convenient transportation hub for visitors to some greatest Japanese cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe.

There are many souvenir shops at the airport, mostly offering regional specialties, especially from Osaka and Kyoto, and it’s a great chance to do last minute shopping before your flight. Today, I’m introducing 10 most recommended souvenirs from Kansai Airport!

1. Kyomatcha Take Baum

Kyomatcha Take Baum (京抹茶 竹バウム) by Tsujiri Hei Honten (辻利兵衛本店) must be everyone’s favourite as the Baumkuchen cake comes in beautiful Kyoto’s iconic bamboo shape, flavoured in the finest Matcha flavour.

Price: 1,500 yen+tax

2. Hitokuchi (Bit Sized) Gyoza

Tenten (点天)’s Hitokuchi Gyoza dumplings (ひとくち餃子) are long-loved soul food in Osaka, and can be enjoyed whether pan-fried, boiled or deep-fried at home.

Price:1,429 yen (30pc)

3. Kuidaore Taro Sable

Kuidaore Taro Sable (くいだおれ太郎サブレ) by Taro Foods (太郎フーズ) is shaped in “Kuidaore Taro”, the most beloved local character in Osaka. You can find his famous doll in Dotonbori area.

Price: 880 yen+tax (10 pc)

4. Baton d’or

Baton d’or (バトンドール) is a luxurious version of the popular sweets, Pocky by Glico, made with selected ingredients. Available at only in Kansai area including Hankyu store Umeda, Osaka Takashimaya store and KIX.

Price: 463 yen+tax (20pc)

5. Kobe Magic Pot Pudding

Kobe is the best city in Japan when it comes to confectionery, and Kobe Magic Pot Pudding (神戸魔法の壷プリン) by Frantz is one of the most famous confectioneries in the city.

Price: 1,445 yen +tax (4pc)

6. Tako Patie

Tako Patie (たこパティエ) by Hyogetsudo (瓢月堂) is an unique sweets with the flavour of Osaka’s signature dish, Takoyaki. Crispy pie is topped with Takoyaki ingredients and covered with sweet caramelized syrup.

Price: 500 yen+tax (12pc)

7. Eemonchi

Eemonchi (ええもんちぃ) by Gokan (五感) is one of best selling souvenirs from Osaka. The fluffy madeleines made with rich butter and Tamba’s black beans.

Price: 650 yen+tax (6pc)

8. PRETZ Takoyaki Flavour

PRETZ (プリッツ) by Glico is one of country’s most popular snacks, and sold at numbers of cities with special regional flavours. Of course, Osaka offers the significant Takoyaki flavour and it’s simply irresistible.

Price: 600 yen (14pc)

9. Osaka Petit Banana

Tokyo Banan is the best selling souvenir in Eastern Japan, and there is also delicious Banana sweets in Western Japan. Osaka Petit Banana (大阪プチバナナ) by Hyogetsudo (瓢月堂) is a small cake with banana flavoured custard cream, simply delightful.

Price: 600 yen+tax (6pc)

10. PABLO Premium Cheese Tart

PABLO (パブロ) is a popular tart shop from Osaka, and now it’s hugely popular worldwide. The rich and creamy Premium Cheese Tart is PABLO’s best-selling sweets, and the perfect treat for cheese lovers!

Price: 1,580 yen+tax (15cm)

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