How to Get from Kansai International Airport (KIX) to Kyoto

How to Travel between Kyoto and Kansai International Airport (KIX)

KIX entrance

Planning on heading to Kyoto by airplane? If that’s the case, the most convenient airport around would be Kansai International Airport (a.k.a. KIX).

KIX is one of the most important airports in Japan and it is located on a man-made island offshore of Osaka. Although it is relatively close, public transportation in Japan can be complicated to use, especially because there are many different options.

Here, we will introduce to you the best ways to access Kyoto from KIX and vice versa.

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KIX has 2 terminals. Terminal 1 is the main terminal where most airline companies (both domestic and international flights) are allocated. On the other hand, terminal 2 is designated for low-cost carriers (LCC). Most transportation from KIX to the Kansai area will be from terminal 1, although there are a few exceptions.

1. Travel by Train

Limited Express Haruka

The Limited Express Haruka (特急はるか) from JR West is a train that connects KIX (Terminal 1) and Kyoto station. You don’t need to change trains, so it is very convenient. These 2 stations are only 3 to 6 stations apart (depending on the time) and there are 30 round trips per day.

And for those who have purchased the Japan Rail Pass, this is your best traveling option since this train is within the coverage.

From KIX (Terminal 1) to Kyoto Station

  • First Train: 06:30 am on weekdays (06:40 am on weekends and holidays)
  • Last Train: 10:16 pm
  • Platform № 4
  • How long: 75 ~ 100 minutes
  • How much: JPY 2,900~

※Depending on the time, the train will be making 2 to 4 stops before arriving at Kyoto Station. Therefore the time it takes also varies accordingly. All trains departing from 9:46 am to 3:44 pm take about 80 minutes.

From Kyoto Station to KIX (Terminal 1)

  • First Train: 05:45 am
  • Last Train: 08:30 pm
  • Platform № 30 (some trains depart from platforms 6 and 7)
  • How long: 75 ~ 100 minutes
  • How much: JPY 2,900~

※Depending on the time, the train will be making 2 to 4 stops before arriving at KIX terminal 1. Therefore the time it takes also varies accordingly. All trains departing from 9:30 am to 16:30 take about 80 minutes.

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2. Travel by Bus

KIX limousine bus

There is a Limousine Bus that travels between KIX and Kyoto Station. In comparison with the train, it takes longer and the price is higher. But on the other hand, the bus stops at both terminal 1 and 2 of KIX, you can store your larger luggage in the bottom trunk of the bus, and the bus makes stops at various important places in Kyoto, so you might find a stop that is more convenient for you.

There are 2~3 buses per hour for both KIX to Kyoto Station and vice-versa.

From KIX to Kyoto Station

  • First Bus: 05:57 am(Terminal 2) / 06:10 am(Terminal 1)
  • Last Bus: 11:42 pm(Terminal 2) / 11:55 pm(Terminal 1)
  • Terminal 2 Bus Stop № 2
  • Terminal 1 Bus Stop № 8
  • How long: 90 minutes from Terminal 1 / 100 minutes from Terminal 2
  • How much: JPY 2,600(Adults) / JPY 1,300(Children)

From Kyoto Station to KIX

  • First Bus: 04:30 am
  • Last Bus: 10:10 pm(to Terminal 1) / 07: 40 pm(to Terminal 2)
  • Bus Stop: in front of the Avanti building(near Hachijo-guchi exit on the south side of Kyoto Station)
  • How long: 90 minutes to Terminal 1 / 100 minutes to Terminal 2
  • How much: JPY 2,600(Adults) / JPY 1,300(Children)

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3. Travel by Taxi

KIX night street view

Traveling from KIX to Kyoto (and vice-versa) by Taxi is not very advisable because of the distance and price. But if you want a ride that will take you directly to the hotel that you are staying in, Taxi is the way.

Taxi is also a good choice if you are traveling in a big group and/or have many bags.

From KIX to Kyoto

  • Meetup point: The chauffeur will be waiting for you at the gate holding a sign with your name written on it
  • How long: About 125 minutes
  • How much: JPY 30,000 ~

From Kyoto to KIX

  • Bus Stop: The taxi will pick you up at the place that you indicate during your booking
  • How long: About 150 minutes
  • How much: JPY 30,000 ~

※Fees vary depending on the number of people (there are 3 taxi-sizes) and the time of the ride (there is a late-night rate between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am), so make sure to ask when making your reservation.

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Taking public transportation in big cities can be complicated, especially if it is your first time visiting. I hope this list will be helpful for you and reduce the stress of not knowing how to get from the airport to your hotel (or from the hotel to the airport).

Please note that there could be changes in time and prices due to special circumstances. So make sure to double-check when you make your reservations.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Kyoto!

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