5 Best Shops to Buy Baking Materials and Supplies in Tokyo

Tokyo Stores for baking materials and supplies

5 Best Shops to Buy Baking Materials and Supplies in Tokyo

For some people like in my case, being a mom working from home, many of us wanted to try becoming a chef in our own home, baking bread, cakes, and cookies for our kids.

But sometimes being a non-Japanese living in Tokyo with limited knowledge of the Japanese language, the struggle is real! This, especially having a hard time finding where to buy baking materials and supplies.

In this article, I will introduce 5 stores of baking supplies to you. Check it out, home baker mommas!

1. Tomiz Baking Pastry Items

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Tomiz Baking Pastry Items is the first store on our list. This store has multiple branches around Japan.

A kind of a “one-stop-shop”, they not only sell baking supplies but also have a studio if you would like to learn more about cooking different kinds of pastries.

You can check their website. For stores check the link and details below.

2. Cuoca Shop Jiyugaoka

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Cuoca Shop Jiyugaoka has its main store located in Tokyo but has multiple branches across Japan.

Just like the previous shop, it is also a one-stop-shop, having baking equipment/tools and a large selection of supplies for making pastries and baking cake/cookies, etc.

You can check their website. For stores check the link and details below.

3. Witchcraft Tokyo Store

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Witchcraft Tokyo Store is the next one on our list.

This store not only sells baking materials and supplies, but they also have cooking seminars, especially for sweets. It specializes in cake decorations.

You may check their website for more details.

4. Majimaya Confectionery Tool Store Kappabashi Tool Street Store

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Next, we have Majimaya Confectionery Tool Store Kappabashi Tool Street Store.

This store is specialized in selling baking pans and molds. If it’s Pans and molds that you’re looking for, then you will find many sizes and shapes here.

Most of their products are handmade and the place has a very traditional Japanese feel.

5. Yoshida Confectionery Tool Store

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Yoshida Confectionery Tool Store is the last store on our list.

In this store, you will find many products and tools that are specialized for making Japanese sweets and bread.

They have a large selection of products; from tools for beginners to full-scale products for professionals.

Baking molds and other small items can be found as well.

Other Shops (Non-specialized)

For beginners such as moms out there who just want to try baking bread for the first time, there are stores in Tokyo that although not specialized in baking materials, have materials and supplies for making pastries on their Baking Section.

You can check the links below for the store details. Here are some stores.

100 Yen shop/Daiso 

Copyright © Daiso-sangyo

First, I went to Daiso to look for some baking materials. They have a few items that can be useful if you’re a first-timer.

I bought some basic item that I can use for baking such as an aluminum foil pan, a measuring cup, and a spoon.  Not expensive yet very useful, good for beginners.

They have also small ready to bake flour and some small and cute utensils. Daiso in Harajuku is one of the biggest shops, having plenty of thing to choose.

▶Official Website: https://www.daiso-sangyo.co.jp/en/

Tokyu Hands


Since I live near Ikebukuro, I went to check out Tokyu Hands in Ikebukuro and they have also a baking section.

They have a lot of pans and molds of different sizes. The items are similar to what you can find in the 100 Yen shop, but there are also items that you cannot find in the 100 Yen shop.

Out of the many Tokyu Hands across Tokyo, the one in Shibuya is the one that has the biggest kitchen and baking section. They have all kinds and sizes of cake tins, crumpet rings, egg rings, cookie cutters, measuring cups, thermometers, silicone spatulas, and much more.

▶Official Website: https://www.tokyu-hands.co.jp/en/

Mega Don Quijote

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Don Quijote is a large store that has a little bit of everything. Larger versions of these stores are called “Mega Don Quijote”.

In these stores, mostly you can find big materials like machines to use for baking. Also, you will find supplies like flour for making dough and other ingredients as well. It was nice to look around to see what they have to offer.

▶Official Website: https://mpglobal.donki.com/ec-web/desktop/home?lan=en


Copyrights (C) THE LOFT CO.,LTD

Loft in Shibuya is one of the largest Loft stores in all of Tokyo. They offer unique products so it is cool and fun to look around.

Of course they have their kitchen section that you can find baking tools and materials such as a variety of cakes pans, cookie cutters, measuring equipment, spatulas, etc.

Also, they have some items which are imported from other countries.

▶Official Website: https://www.loft.co.jp/en/

Lastly, for those looking for an online shop specializing in quality cooking tools and unique gadgets for baking, you can visit this site which has everything you need for your kitchen  Global Kitchen Japan. 

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I hope this article has been helpful to you. If you would like more useful information, you can check our website for more articles that can be your guide for living in Japan.

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