Best Places to Buy Kitchen Tools/Dishes in Japan

Where to Buy Kitchenware in Japan?

Is cooking your passion? Perhaps you are one of those who are amazed by the variety of kitchen tools/dishes. Nowadays, there are many great kitchenware coming out in the market to make our cooking easier. And Japan has cool and unique Japanese cooking tools from authentic Japanese kitchenware to modern and stylish cooking ware.

Other tourists bring home kitchen tools from Japan as souvenirs as Japan is known for having good quality products. Here in Japan, there are many places where you can buy kitchen tools such as Home Centers, department stores, electronic stores, and some souvenir stores.

But there are the best places where you can buy kitchenware in Japan that carry a wide variety of cooking wares. In this article, I will share with you the best places to buy kitchen tools/dishes in Japan.

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1. KAPPABASHI KITCHEN TOWN (Kappabashi Kitchen Street)

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Kappabashi Street is also known as a kitchen town in Tokyo. It is in the area between Ueno and Asakusa which is also a famous area in Tokyo with many tourist spots. This is the best-to-buy kitchen tool area in Tokyo, everything you need for cooking is here. From traditional Japanese cooking ware to modern cooking ware.

Apart from kitchen tools, Kappabashi is also a good place to visit if you want to start a food business. You can find here different types of equipment for the food business such as knives (Japanese Knives), plastic food models, bakeries and restaurant equipment, signs, lanterns, chairs, tables, and much more.

You will find more than 170 kitchenware stores and restaurants within the area.

2. Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shotengai

Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shotengai
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The Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shotengai is called or known as a “kitchenware street” has a 150-meter-long shopping arcade and is the best place to buy kitchen and restaurant supplies in Osaka. It is also easy to find with its big sign of Doguyasuji and just 3 minutes away from Namba Station.

Here, you can find all you need in cooking, most professional chefs come to look for equipment needed in cooking; specially kitchen knives, and you can also find here different types of cooking ware and restaurant equipment such as ceramics and glassware, grills and different kinds of pans, restaurant signage and lanterns, Plastic food models and many more.

3. 212 Kitchen Store

212 Kitchen Store
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The 212 Kitchen Store is a kitchen miscellaneous goods store. They sell stylish kitchenware and small appliances used in cooking. There are physical stores and branches around Japan and they also have an online shop where you can check out and purchase kitchen tools/dishes that offer some promos.


4. Hands

Tokyu Hands
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Hands (previously known as “Tokyu Hands”) is a well-known Japanese department store and so-called ” The One-Stop-Shop” with a wide variety of products originally from Japan with high quality.

Which also has a good selection of kitchenware such as Japanese knives, kitchen appliances, traditional Japanese tableware, and many more.


5. Nitori

NITORI is one of the famous furniture stores in Japan with many branches across the country. They have almost everything you need at home from living room furniture to kitchen supplies and bathroom items. They offer fashion and unique products. Here you can choose from a wide selection of kitchen tools and dishes.


6. Tokyo Interior

Tokyo Interior
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The Tokyo Interior is also a well-known furniture store in Japan that offers a variety of unique interior designs of products that will give balance and harmony to your home.

With different type of furniture with their designs, color, and sizes as well as their kitchenware there are many kitchen tools and dishes options with elegant designs and other selections of household accessories.


7. Senda Kitchen Utensil (Osaka)

Senda Kitchen Utensil
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The Sendai Kitchen Utensil in Osaka is a kitchenware, restaurant, and bakery supply shop. There are many choices of kitchen tools and appliances with traditional and modern products.

There are various types of Japanese knives, glasses, pots, frying pans, and many other tools and equipment used in cooking.

8. Kitchen Kitchen Store

Kitchen Kitchen Store
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The Kitchen Kitchen Store (KxK Store), as you may infer from their name, focuses on kitchen products with a wide selection of tableware and kitchen goods, with simple designs and good quality.

They have cute designs of plates, glasses, utensils, and more. They also have many items in their online shop to choose from.


9. Natural Kitchen

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The Natural Kitchen started as a small grocery store in Osaka in the year 2001 and now has various branches in Japan. It is also a family company of Kitchen Kitchen store.

In the Natural Kitchen, they offer DIY products and most of the items here cost 100 yen but there are high-quality dishes and kitchen utensils and tableware.


10. Daiso /Seria

daisoDaiso/Seria and other 100 Yen shop is the most popular shop in Japan to buy various household items. They have almost everything needed at home as well as for work, school and so on. And when it comes to kitchen items they also have a  wide selection of kitchen tools and dishes.

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