Tangled Rapunzel Cafe in Japan 2024

Disney Rapunzel Romantic Moments Cafe to Open in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya in 2024 Spring

Based on the German fairy tale “Rapunzel” in the folktale by the Brothers Grimm, Tangled is Walt Disney’s 50th animation movie, released in 2010. The main character of the movie is a vivacious girl called Rapunzel who has a very long blond hair and lives in a hidden tower in the woods, yearning for the outside world she has never seen before. The story features her adventure as well as her internal conflict between her mother and her dreams. The movie and the princess Rapunzel have been loved by people around the world over the past decade.

In 2024 spring, Tangled will have its own themed cafe “Rapunzel Romantic Moments Cafe”, opening in 3 cities across Japan (Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka) for a limited time! With the theme of “Romantic Moments”, the cafe features the world view of one of the iconic scenes from the movie, where Rapunzel and Flynn Rider sing “I See the Light” with magical lanterns lighting up the sky.


The cafe features a special menu inspired by the characters and some famous scenes from Tangled such as cream pasta with the image of Rapunzel with her hair braided, gratin plate with the image of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider dancing together and sandwich with Pascal riding a gondola. Moreover, dishes on the menu are low-carb, low-salt, and healthy, that meet Disney’s nutritional guidelines.

The cafe also offers a variety of original merchandise goods with the special design such as tumbler, keyring and eco bag. There will be special gift for visitors with pre-booking, too.

The Disney Rapunzel Romantic Moments Cafe will open in 2024 spring for a limited time in two locations in Tokyo, Shinjuku (from 15 March) and Harajuku (from 16 March), in Osaka (from 15 March) and Nagoya (from 21 March). If you are a fan of Rapunzel, don’t miss a chance to enjoy an elegant and sweet time at this special Tangled themed cafe where you can fully immerse with the world of the movie with Rapunzel and other characters while enjoying the romantic and photo-worthy menu!

-Food and Drink Menu

▲ left to right

Rapunzel Cream Paste 2,290 yen
Rapunzel and Flynn Gratin Plate 2,090 yen
Pascal Salmon and Pumpkin Sandwich 2,190 yen

▲ left to right

Lantern Fruits and Yogurt 1,890 yen
Rapunzel Mont Blanc 1,890 yen

▲ left to right

Rapunzel Grape Soda 1,090 yen
Flynn Tea Latte 1,090 yen
Maximus Apple Juice 1,090 yen


▲ Hot Milk/Tea/Coffee 790 yen

-Cafe Merchandise

▲ left to right

Mug 2,200 yen
Stir Stick 1,045 yen
Dolomite Coaster 1,320 yen
Straw Tumbler 2,750 yen

▲ left to right

Acrylic Keyring 825 yen
Wooden Magnet 880 yen
Aurora Sticker 715 yen
Card Holder 1,650 yen

▲ left to right

Mirror 2,200 yen
Bandana 1,650 yen
Drawstring Bag 1,430 yen
Cushion 4,620 yen
Mini Eco Bag 2,750 yen

Disney Rapunzel Romantic Moments Cafe also offers special gifts for visitors: Customers who make pre-booking (770 yen per person) and order from the menu will receive one of original multi case randomly chosen from 4 different designs.


-Disney Rapunzel Romantic Moments Cafe


Shinjuku venue
Location: OH MY CAFE Shinjuku Mylord 7F
Map: https://maps.app.goo.gl/GYgpr5iLFFKE2Pzm9
Date: 15 March to 6 May 2024

Harajuku venue
Location: BOX cafe&space Q plaza Harajuku 3F
Map: https://maps.app.goo.gl/d4VK5YkDAnKmHLNp7
Date: 16 March to 21 April 2024

Location : Collabo_Index SHINSAIBASH
Map: https://maps.app.goo.gl/bFSNi9tbPT2YFEHWA
Date: 15 March to 21 April 2024

Location : kawara CAFE&KITCHEN Nagoya PARCO 5F
Map: http://bit.ly/2GfRb0W
Date: 21 March to 21 April 2024

Official Website: https://lantern.ohmycafe.jp/

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