5 Popular Online Second-hand Shops in Japan

Japan Best Online Second-Hand Shops

Japan is known for being fashionable in various things and where there are also many large establishments of expensive goods or branded items. especially in the Tokyo area where most of the local Japanese shops are. But did you know that Japanese fashion is not just about luxury goods?

There are also many secondhand shops across Japan for clothing, furniture, electronics, appliances, accessories, and many other things. Where both local Japanese and foreigners living in Japan get their things and can be fashionable without spending a lot of money. Second-hand shops in Japan are very popular; other Japanese people bring things they no longer use to the shops to sell in exchange for money.

Apart from the second-hand shops that we often see in different areas of Japan, did you know that there are also online second-hand shops in Japan where you can buy and sell items? Yes, online second-hand shops! I know this might sound a little weird since many of us only know about online shops that only sell new items.

Good things about buying in Online Second-hand Shops in Japan

Many of us are afraid to buy things from online second-hand shops because we think that if we can’t see the items, we might be scammed and just waste our money and time. Let me tell you about the good thing about online second-hand shops in Japan.

First of all, things in Japan are durable and not easy to break. Ao people in Japan, both locals and foreigners replace their equipment not because it is broken but because they want to replace it with a new model or upgraded one. So rather than throwing the old ones away, they prefer to sell them in second-hand shops.

Second, you can save time, buying in an online second-hand shop is very convenient, especially for busy people. And the last and most important one is their price.  The price in second-hand shops is cheaper and you can save money and have good quality items without spending a lot of money.

In this article, I will share with you the five popular online second-hand shops in Japan where you can buy and sell items.

1. Mercari

@2020 Mercari, Inc.

Mercari is one of the popular online sites for second-hand market service in Japan where you can sell stuff and also buy items. Mercari is a legit online market in Japan; it has many policies established to protect users from fraud.

Using mercari is very easy. You just need to create an account and register your card details, follow the other instruction, then you can start shopping. Mercari Japan is only applicable to those with Japanese addresses.

Website: Mercari Japan

2. Zozoused/Zozotown

© ZOZO, Inc.

ZOZO Inc. owns and operates multiple services such as ZOZOUSED, ZOZOTOWN, and many more. ZOZOUSED is one of the biggest online shopping websites for second-hand in Japan where there is a large selection of various Japanese and international brands. ZOZOUSED handles over 6,000 brands of used clothing where you can buy used clothes and second-hand items from different brands. They offer massive sales and discounts often and they also have same-day delivery in nearby areas.

To buy items in ZOZOUSED you just simply download the apps and create an account, register, and log in. Then you can start shopping. For more details and information on their services here is the official website of ZOZO.


3. Jimoty

COPYRIGHT (C) 2011 – 2022 Jimoty, Inc.

Jimoty is a Japanese service app for second-hand items where you can buy and sell used items from clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, furniture, appliances, and many more. They have similarities to Mercari, but Jimoty does not have a listing fee, unlike Mercari. And Jimoty does not have a delivery service, so you will receive the items by hand, meaning you will meet up with the person who sold the item. You will talk in the chat about the items and transaction, the payment, and the place where you will going to meet.

It may sound scary but many local Japanese and foreigners living in Japan use this app and even in other countries this service is popular. It is safe and easy to use for buying and selling. You just need to download the Jimoty app, then create an account and register, follow the other instruction, and then you can start shopping or selling items.

Here is the official website of Jimoty. it is in Japanese language but you can go to google and look for a translation.

Website: Jimoty

4. Ragtag Online


RAGTAG is a well-known shop of used products in Japan with many branches across the country where you can find a lot of fashionable items and vintage clothes of both Japanese and international brands. Not just clothes, but also shoes, bags, and various kinds of accessories. Branded fashion jewelry and even some antique items can be found.

You can also buy and sell items in their online app, the ragtag online is easy to use and convenient. You just have to download the ragtag app, create an account and log in, then you can start shopping they offer big discounts on some items and you get an off coupon for the new membership. Here is the official website of the ragtag for more information.

Website: RAGTAG Online

5. Off Mall


The OFF mall is an online store of well-known second-hand shops in Japan with over 900 stores across Japan of the “Hard-off group”.  You can buy and sell in a very convenient way where you can also earn points by selling and buying. You can find different kinds of used items from clothing, bags, accessories, appliances, and many more.

To register, you just simply download the app and log in as a new member. You just need to sign-up and create an account. The website has the English language for those who do not understand yet the Japanese language. Here is the official website for more information.

Website: OFF Mall

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