List of Nintendo Stores in Japan

Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto: Find here all the Nintendo Stores in Japan

Nintendo, the world wide popular Japanese video game company, have official stores calles Nintendo Store where you can buy a wide variety of themed goods from stationary to clothes or even tableware, with designs of some of the most popular video games, such as Super Mario or Zelda.

Nintendo’s first store opened in 2019, and it was a success. The truth is that it was even strange that they hadn’t opened a store before, since their video games are very popular. Especially since Pokémon, one of their flagship games that also has an anime series, has long had different official stores around the country with hundreds of visitors every day.

The situation was a bit paralyzed because Japan closed its borders for a long time, but with the arrival of tourism again new Nintendo Stores started to appear. In this article we are going to list all the Nintendo Stores available in Japan right now.

To date, Japan and the United States are the only countries that have official Nintendo stores, so if you are going to visit Japan and you are a fan of the saga, don’t miss this unique chance! Make room in your suitcase and take some unique souvenirs for you or your friends 😉

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Nintendo Tokyo

Nintendo Tokyo

The Tokyo store was the first to open in the world, causing a revolution among fans of the franchise. For the first time there was a place to buy original goods exclusive to your favorite video games. During the first months after the opening there were long lines waiting to get in, but fortunately today you can access normally.

Nintendo Tokyo is located in Parco, in the city of Shibuya. In addition to the Nintendo store, there is also a Pokémon Store and a CAPCOM store on the same floor. Shibuya district is one of the liveliest in Tokyo, the home of young Japanese people, with a variety of restaurants, stores and facilities. So in addition to the Nintendo store you can also enjoy the energetic and fun vibe of the area.

More info: Nintendo TOKYO: the First Official Nintendo Store in Japan

Nintendo Osaka

Nintendo Store Osaka
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The city chosen for the second Nintendo store was Osaka, the capital of Kansai and one of the largest cities after Tokyo. The building where it’s located, the Daimaru Umeda Store, also has a Pokémon Center, an official store of CAPCOM and the popular anime One Piece.

Osaka is known as the cuisine of Japan, and for its vibrant nightlife, so be sure to also try their delicious local dishes and experience a night on the town!

More info: Nintendo OSAKA: New Official Nintendo Store in Osaka

Nintendo Kyoto

Nintendo Kyoto
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Nintendo’s headquarters are in Kyoto, and it’s the city where the company was born. Therefore, it was only logical that the third location for a new Nintendo Store would be Kyoto. Kyoto is also one of the three most popular tourist cities along with Kyoto and Osaka.

The new store is scheduled to open on October 17, 2023 in Kyoto Takashimaya S.C., a new commercial facility in Kyoto that will open on the same day.

More details coming soon!

What to Buy at a Nintendo Store?

In the Nintendo Store you can find a wide range of items such as stationery, smartphone cases, clothes y accessories, tableware y kitchen and even travel gadgets! All of them decorated with some of Nintendo’s most popular video games, such as Super Mario, Zelda, Splatoon, Animal Crossing, etc. Moreover, toys, sweets and much more.

The only video game that isn’t available is Pokémon, as they have their own Pokémon Store.

More info: What to Buy at Nintendo Store Tokyo

Super Mario Area at USJ

If you are near Kyoto or Osaka and you are a Nintendo fan, the other stop you can’t miss is of course Universal Studios Japan, with the new area dedicated to the company’s most popular saga, Super Mario!

The theme park offers several attractions, as well as a whole decorated area and even a special menu with dishes inspired by characters from the video game. A childhood dream come true for many

Tickets sell out quickly, so it is advisable to buy them in advance.

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Tokyo Go-Kart

And speaking of childhood dreams coming true, with a valid Japanese/international driving license, you can drive Go Kart in character’s costumes through the city just like in the video game Mario Kart! Go Kart has been one of the favourite activities among tourists in Tokyo in the past years.

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