KOKUYODOORS: Fun & Innovative Stationery Shop at Haneda Airport Garden

Experience Japan's Stationery Excellence at KOKUYODOORS

KOKUYODOORS: Fun & Innovative Stationery Shop at Haneda Airport Garden

KOKUYODOORS, a direct retail store by Kokuyo Co., Ltd., opened its doors in January 2023 within the Haneda Airport Garden, a new commercial facility directly connected to “Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station” in Tokyo.

Situated on the second floor of Haneda Airport Garden, KOKUYODOORS is not your ordinary stationery shop; it’s a flagship store that encapsulates the allure of Kokuyo’s stationery. Offering experiences far beyond what typical stationery stores provide, KOKUYODOORS has quickly become a hotspot for both locals and travelers alike, seeking stylish products that serve as perfect souvenirs.

In this article, I will share with you why you should take into account visiting KOKUYODOORS in Haneda Airport Garden.

Kokuyo Co., Ltd., is a company founded in 1905 known for manufacturing and selling stationery, office furniture, and office equipment. They are leaders in the domestic market for stationery and office furniture, and their stationery items are also popular among international tourists for their stylish designs and usability.


KOKUYODOORS, located in Haneda Airport Garden, is designed as a gateway for foreign visitors to discover and develop an interest in Kokuyo’s offerings and, by extension, the allure of Japanese stationery.

As the name “KOKUYODOORS” implies, the store aims to be an entry point into the world of Japanese stationery, offering products and various interactive experiences, embodying the company’s desire to introduce the charm of Japanese stationery to the world.

The Stationery Items

At KOKUYODOORS, visitors can find Kokuyo’s popular and staple stationery items, alongside original products featuring the shop’s logo and travel motifs. The store also offers gift sets ideal for souvenirs or small presents for overseas visitors, showcasing a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

Popular Stationery products
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The store features a collection of popular staple stationery items that represent Kokuyo, beloved both domestically and internationally. These are long-cherished products that have won the hearts of users over the years.

KOKUYODOORS original products
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The shop also offers exclusive items embellished with the “KOKUYODOORS” logo and icons inspired by travel and stationery motifs. This special collection includes limited-edition notebooks, masking tape, water-repellent furoshiki (wrapping cloth), and soft clear cases in A4 size, among other unique products.

These limited offerings are designed to celebrate the themes of travel and the art of stationery, available only at this location.

The shop features a selection of stationery sets, perfect for small gifts or presents. These curated collections are ideal for those looking to give a thoughtful token of appreciation or a special gift from Japan.

Fun & Unique Experiences

KOKUYODOORS offers numerous unique experiences that are not commonly found in typical stationery stores. We highly recommend trying these special features when you visit the store, inviting you to engage with our products in a way that goes beyond the conventional shopping experience.

Kokuyo vending machine
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The most unique thing about this store has to be the innovative IoT (Internet of Things) vending machine where visitors can purchase unique stationery sets.

This machine offers a wide array of stationery items. Equipped with digital signage and a large touch panel display, it presents the allure of stationery through images and videos, making it easy to understand the products’ features intuitively, similar to an e-commerce site, but with multi-language support.

The machine dispenses a variety of products, including “Special Boxes” filled with popular stationery from Japan and abroad, “Mania Sets” that showcase a diverse and evolving selection of campus notebooks and tape glue, and “Secret Sets,” surprise packages with undisclosed contents.

The store also features various corners where visitors can easily test the feel of different stationeries.

There’s a “Stationery touch and try corner” where anyone can freely experience the functionality and quality of superior stationery items. Another highlight is the “Campus notebook paper writing corner,” where visitors can dynamically test various writing instruments on rolls of paper directly from the factory.

Additionally, the store offers a service that allows customers to mix and match items from the store to pack into an original gift case, similar to creating your own ‘MY PASTA’ set. This interactive environment encourages the exploration and personalization of stationery products.

Transforming Shopping Bags

kokuyo Shopping bags
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Another highly unique feature of the shop is the shopping bags that they offer.

The shop offers original paper bags designed with reuse in mind, embodying the spirit of a stationery manufacturer. These bags can be creatively transformed into file boxes, notebook covers, and field note covers, encouraging customers to repurpose their shopping bags functionally and sustainably.

*Note: these shopping bags are available for purchase, aligning with the store’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in product use.

I hope you enjoyed this article about KOKUYODOORS. Japanese stationery has carved out a unique cultural niche on the global stage, distinguished by its functionality, high quality, extensive range, and designs. Many international visitors choose to buy Japanese stationery as souvenirs to take back home.

Why not check out KOKUYODOORS on your way to Haneda Airport when heading back home?

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