GU x Kirby Collection Autumn 2022

GU and Kirby to Collaborate for a New Collection in 2022 Autumn

Kirby x GU

Although less well known abroad than its older sister UNIQLO, the fast fashion retailer GU is one of the most popular brands in Japan among young people. GU offers affordable and trendy clothes in a good quality and in the past years they have been doing different collaboration with famous anime and video games series trying to attract more audience.  In October 2022, GU is teaming up with the worldwide beloved Kirby!

Known abroad as Kirby, this cute and fluffy pink ball is the main character of the game Kirby’s Dream Land, a video game developed by HAL Laboratory Co., Ltd and Nintendo Co., Ltd. In 2022 is the 30th anniversary of the release of the first Kirby game for Nintendo Game Boy in 1992, so Nintendo has been doing several collaborations to celebrate the anniversary, such as the past collaboration with the famous burger chain MOS Burger.

The collaboration between GU and Kirby will feature women’s, men’s, and kids’ wear, each with a different theme and many different models and colors to choose from. The motif of the women’s wear is based on the  super popular Kirby Cafe, which has three locations nationwide. The lineup includes sweatshirts decorated with pizza, hamburgers, and other items from the Kirby’s Cafe menu!

The collection will be available in all GU stores in early October. Let’s check the cute and originals designs of Kirby T-shirt and loungewear for GU x Kirby Collection 2022!


▲ Left to Right
Sweat Pullover (Long Sleeve) Kirby 2: 1,990 yen + tax
Sweat Pullover (Long Sleeve) Kirby 1: 1,990 yen + tax (*photos 2 & 3)

▲ Left to Right
Sweat Hoodie (Long Sleeve) Kirby 1: 2,490 yen + tax
Sweat Hoodie (Long Sleeve) Kirby 2: 2,490 yen + tax (*photos 2 & 3)

► Lounge Set (long sleeves): 3,490 yen + tax

► Slippers: 1,490 yen + tax


▲ Left to Right
Big Sweat Pullover (Long Sleeves) Kirby 1: 1,990 yen + tax
Big Sweat Pullover (Long Sleeves) Kirby 2: 1,990 yen + tax
Micro Fleece Half-Zip Parka (Long Sleeve): 2,990 yen + tax

▲ Left to Right
Big Sweat Hoodie (Long Sleeve) Kirby 1: 2,490 yen + tax
Big Sweat Hoodie (Long Sleeve) Kirby 2: 2,490 yen + tax (*photos 2 & 3)
Micro Fleece Zip Jacket (Long Sleeve): 2,990 yen + tax

► Sweatshirt set (long sleeves & long pants): 2,990 yen + tax

► Dry Boxer Pants: 590 yen + tax


► Unisex Soft Sweatshirt Lounge Set (Long Sleeves): 1,990 yen + tax

The products will go on sale in early October 2022 in GU stores across Japan and GU online store, and available while stocks last. I’d predict that products will be quickly sold out, so if you are a Detective Conan fan, make sure to pop by at your nearest GU store before it’s too late!!

For further details, please check the special page GU official website:

For more information on special events related to Kirby/Nintendo or other GU/UNIQLO collaborations and trendy topics you can check out these articles!!

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