SUPER NINTENDO WORLD: Mario’s Area at Universal Studio Japan

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One of the hottest news in Japan in 2020 is SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, which will open at Universal Studio Japan in Osaka before opening the Tokyo Olympics. At the Mario-themed world, there are various attractions including high-tech rides with the theme of Mario Kart, Yoshi and so on. Super Nintendo World is the one and only playground to experience the real world of Mario and other Nintendo characters.

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The image of Super Nintendo World with Marios characters
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On the 14th January, 2020, the latest information about Super Nintendo World has been officially released through the presentation. It’s announced that Super Nintendo World features Mario-themed smart wristbands “Power-up Band” which enables you to have totally new experiences at Univesal Studio Japan and any other amusement parks. Super Nintendo World offers a lineup of wristwatch-shaped wristbands with the Mario’s characters’ designs such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, etc (Power-up Bands are not included in the admission fee of Universal Studio Japan).

Mario-themed wristband Power-up Band
© Nintendo. © Universal Studios.

With the smart wristbands and Universal Studio Japan’s app, you can play at Super Nintendo World getting coins and stars by hitting the question blocks. Guests at Super Nintendo World can lively compete who can get the most coins like the game Super Mario. In addition, the other game is offered to guests with Power-up Bands: Key Challenge. They play Key Challenge through collaboration with other guests to clear it by battling with Koopa Jr. and other enemies.

It is also announced that there are exclusive ride attractions with the theme of Mario Kart and Yoshi at Super Nintendo World. Of course, all age groups from kids to adults can enjoy the Mario’s world throughout the body.

When is the opening date of Super Nintendo World?

The exact opening date of Super Nintendo World has not been officially released yet. It will open before Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 opening which will start on the 24th July.

How to buy tickets for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studio Japan?

You can buy your tickets for Universal Studio Japan which will be good for Super Nintendo World though the Power-up Band are sold separately as mentioned above. Universal Studio Japan may be too crowded to get last-minute tickets since Super Nintendo World is getting much attention from all over the world. It is recommended to book the tickets in advance here!

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Watch the newly-released video for Super Nintendo World!!

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Date: Before opening the Tokyo Olympics


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This article will be updated when additional information is released, especially the exact date of Super Nintendo World’s opening. Just stay tuned!

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