Universal Studios Japan Guide and Tips

Universal Studios Japan: all things to do before you visit USJ in Osaka

Why is Osaka one of the most popular cities in Japan? Regional food like Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki? The nightlife town with neon lights Dotonbori? Yes, they are attractive enough to draw a great number of travelers to Osaka from all over the world. However, we need further explanations about that.

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is one of the reasons why Osaka is visited by domestic and international travelers the most. This is a perfect guide to Universal Studios Japan including all you need to know before visiting the most popular theme park.

What kind of attraction is there in Universal Studios Japan? How to get to Universal Studios Japan? Which admission pass should you buy? How do you enjoy sightseeing around Universal Studios Japan?

Here are introductions of recommended attractions you shouldn’t miss in Universal Studios Japan, transportation guides to Universal Studios Japan from Tokyo or Osaka, how to choose your matching pass, information about popular spots near Universal Studios Japan and so on.

Complete your perfect Universal Studios Japan itinerary in Osaka!!

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1. USJ Pass

Here is an important thing you should do before you do a search on the access to Universal Studios Japan. Let’s find your best admission pass and buy the e-ticket online, first of all. Universal Studios Japan offers tens of passes/tickets that may confuse you.

-1 Day Studio Pass (Park Entry E-Tickets)

Studio Pass is a basic admission pass which let you admit Universal Studios Japan and enjoy any attractions all day.

-1.5 Day Studio Pass Universal Studios Japan E-Ticket

You can enjoy Universal Studios Japan for a day and a half of a day with 1.5 Day Studio Pass.

Day 1: Available from 15:00/Day 2: Available all day

-Pre-Order Universal Studios Japan Pass

Universal Studios Japan basically starts to sell its passes 3 months before, but you can buy the tickets with the admission date farther than 3 months here! You can book the passes even for the next year.

-Royal Studio Pass for Universal Studios Japan in Osaka!

Royal Studio Pass is a premium pass to fully enjoy Universal Studios Japan. One of the most attractive points of the pass is that you can skip the line of several specified popular rides as many times as you want.

2. Transportation Guide: How to Get to Universal Studios Japan

Nextly, you should get to know about how to get to Universal Studios Japan smoothly. It depends on where you start your Universal Studios Japan itinerary: Narita or Haneda Airport in Tokyo or Kansai International Airport or downtowns in Osaka? Here are the best ways to get to Universal Studios Japan from these starting points in Tokyo and Osaka and recommended budget-friendly transportation passes and tickets.

Universal Studios Japan™ & JR West Kansai Pass Bundle (5% OFF)

At First, let me tell you about a special pass set with a good deal. This deal includes a 1 Day Studio Pass and a JR West Kansai Pass, which allows you to take unlimited trains and buses by West JR. The set is highly recommended even if you have a plan to travel in Kansai area such as Osaka, Kyoto and Naha.

From Tokyo to Shin-Osaka Station for Universal Studios Japan

If you arrive at Narita or Haneda Airport from your country and travel in Tokyo before Universal Studios Japan, your starting point to Universal Studios Japan will be Tokyo Station. From Tokyo Station, the best way to get to Shin-Osaka Station (the entrance of Osaka) is Shinkansen, I think. If you have a Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass), you can use Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Shin-Osaka Station without any extra fare.

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<<How to get from Tokyo’s airports to Tokyo Station>>

From Shin-Osaka Station to Universal Studios Japan


5 mins from Osaka Station (大阪駅) to Nishi-kujo Station (西九条駅) by JR Osaka Loop Line (JR大阪環状線)

5 mins from Nishi-kujo Station (西九条駅) to Universal-City Station by JR Yumesaki Line (a.k.a. Sakurajima Line)

*From Osaka Station, direct train sometimes departs to Universal-City Station. With the train, you don’t need to change train at Nishi-kujo Station.

From Kansai International Airport to Universal Studios Japan

If you land on Kansai International Airport, the JR West Kansai Pass helps you to move in Kansai Area. It’s available to ride on Kansai-Airport Express “HARUKA” from Kansai International Airport to downtown in Osaka.

▽JR West Kansai Area Pass (with your choice of 1, 2, 3 or 4-Day)

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3. How to Enjoy Universal Studios Japan

You may not be able to fully enjoy attractions at Universal Studios Japan only with a Studio Pass (admission ticket). The admission tickets allow you to ride and experience attractions in the park, but it takes 2–3 hours to queue for some popular rides. In the worst scenario, some attractions would not accept you for limitation on visitors of the day.

However, with Universal Express Pass, you can skip the long lines and get a priority entry ticket to the pretty popular rides like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There are a great number of the Express Passes, and each Express Pass set consists of different numbers of the passes and various passes applied for different attractions. Get Universal Express Pass and spend your limited time wisely at Universal Studios Japan!

Here are some popular Universal Express Pass sets:

Universal Express™ Pass 7 — Backdrop

Universal Express™ Pass 7 — The Flying Dinosaur

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4. Hotels near Universal Studios Japan

If you arrive at Osaka or Universal Studios Japan area late in the afternoon or want to enjoy Universal Studios Japan for multiple days, it is highly recommended to stay near Universal Studios Japan. Here are official hotels of Universal Studios Japan and how to book them online with the best deal.

The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan

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Hotel Kintetsu Universal City

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5. Restaurants near Universal Studios Japan

There are numerous top-rated restaurants near Universal Studios Japan, and some Japanese food restaurants have got Michelin stars. Before or after visiting Universal Studios Japan, how about experiencing special dining time in Osaka. Here are three authentic Japanese food restaurants that are located near Umeda Station, one of the largest stations near Universal Studios Japan.

Koryu (Kaiseki Dishes)

Koryu (弧柳) is a top-rated Kaiseki (traditional Japanese style) dish restaurant with 3 Michelin stars. It is difficult to reserve the seats of Koryu except here. Check out the availability right now!

Kurosugi (Sushi)

For the best Japanese food in Osaka, sushi of Kurosugi (黒杉) is the first option. Don’t miss a chance to have the top quality sushi and experience the traditional sushi bar counter.

Yotaro Honten (Tempura)

Yotaro Honten (与太呂本店) is also a Michelin-starred restaurant serving Kansai-style tempura. You can dine with the fresh seafood and vegetables in the tempura style.

6. Popular Tourist Sites near Universal Studios Japan

It is true that Universal Studios Japan is one of the best tourist sites in Osaka, and the modern city has other attractive tourist sites, of course. This is the brief list of things to do and places to visit in Osaka. How about experiencing extra special activities?

Kaiyukan Aquarium

Kaiyukan Aquarium (海遊館) is one of the world’s largest aquariums and most visited tourist sites in Osaka. It is located You can get the instant e-ticket of Kaiyukan Aquarium online!


Go-Kart has got more popular these days in Japan, and you can drive the kart dressing up in your favorite character’s costume. Visit Osaka’s most popular sightseeing spots including Dotonbori, Kita Shinchi, and Osaka Tower.

Osaka Night Food Tour

If you visit Osaka for the first time and wonder what to eat there, this food tour is highly recommended. A local guide takes you to really quality restaurants on the secret alleys that foreign people would certainly miss without a local’s guidance. Enjoy Osaka’s soul food and drinks!

<<Want to look for more activities near USJ?>>

Before you leave to Japan, don’t forget to arrange to hire a pocket WiFi. Free WiFi is available in very limited areas in Japan. To fully enjoy your trip to Universal Studios Japan and Osaka, get the WiFi at the best price 🙂

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