Where to Stay near Universal Studios Japan in Osaka

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) Official Hotels

Universal Studios Japan is a popular tourist attraction located in Osaka Prefecture, and it’s one of top amusement parks in the world.

If you are planning to visit Universal Studio Japan (USJ), it is wise to stay at one of nearby hotels so that you can enjoy the park full day without worrying about catching a train or heading back after big souvenir shopping. There are 6 official hotels of Universal Studios Japan, all located within a short distance from the park and some have special themes that can make your stay wonderful and dreamy!

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THE SINGULARI HOTEL & SKYSPA at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN (ザ シンギュラリ ホテル&スカイスパ アット ユニバーサル・スタジ オ・ジャパン) is the newest Universal Studios Japan official hotel which opened in 2017 summer. The 4-star hotel offers 390 modern, comfortable and spacious rooms in various sizes with the brand-new facilities. Sky Spa is a spa located at 14th floor with sauna and the bath with a panoramic view of Osaka city. The hotel is situated right in front of Universal City Station and within a walking distance from USJ.

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Rate: 13,000 yen~

Map: http://bit.ly/2mcYBYv

Website: http://www.candeohotels.com/multi-language/branch?branch=singulari&lang=en

2. The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan™

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The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan (ザ パーク フロント ホテル アット ユニバーサル・スタジオ・ジャパン) is situated right in front of the front gate of the Universal Studios Japan, which you can literally access in 1 min on foot. Opened in 2015 summer, the American themed hotel features 598 spacious and comfortable rooms, and a half of the rooms have the view the park. There are some special amenities for kids, too.

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Rate: 15,000 yen~


Website: https://parkfront-hotel.com/english/


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Hotel Kintetsu Universal City (ホテル近鉄ユニバーサル・シティ) is another “closest” hotel to Universal Studios Japan situated in front of the park. The remarkable feature of this 3-star hotel is the Sesame Street floor with several concept guest rooms with special amenities. If you are a Sesame Street fan, this is the hotel to choose! Moreover, an official merchandise store of USJ is located inside the hotel.


Rate: 10,000 yen~



4. Hotel Keihan Universal City

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Hotel Keihan Universal City (ホテル京阪ユニバーサル・シティ) is located within 2 mins walk from Universal Studios Japan and 1 min from Universal City Station. The Hollywood themed hotel features unique and colourful concept guest rooms as well as numbers of photo spots inside the hotel, offering entertaining and exciting stay as you are still inside the theme park.

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Rate: 10,000 yen~


Website: https://www.hotelkeihan.co.jp/city/

5. Hotel Keihan Universal Tower

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Hotel Keihan Universal Tower (ホテル京阪 ユニバーサル・タワー) is the largest Universal Studios Japan official hotel out of 6 with 641 clean and modern guest rooms in various types. The 4 star-hotel is 138 m tall with 32 floors, and SPARK SPA is an onsen bath with the overlook view of the city situated at 31F (110m above the ground) which is the most popular feature in the hotel.

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Rate: 10,000 yen~




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HOTEL UNIVERSAL PORT (ホテル ユニバーサル ポート) is one of the most popular USJ official hotel which is located 4 mins away from the park. It’s located next to the port, and offering a great view at night. The popular feature of the hotel is 2 concept rooms themed with Minions and several Minion themed spots inside the hotel. Guests can also purchased official merchandise at the hotel.

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Rate: 15,000 yen~



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