Best Japanese Mascara Removers

Must-Buy Waterproof Mascara Removers in Japan

When you wear long-lasting makeup such as waterproof mascara, taking it off with a regular cleanser can be pretty tough. In fact, if you don’t use the right makeup remover, you can end up causing damages by pulling off eyelashes or rubbing the skin harshly. To avoid such cases, it’s highly recommended to use a special makeup remover that can take off stubborn makeup without putting burden on your skin and lashes.

Nowadays, there are makeup removers that are specially designed to remove long-lasting, waterproof mascara. They usually come in the same form as mascara -with a small bottle and brush/comb and you can easily apply it on lashes just like applying mascara.

For sensitive skin, using strong cleanser can sometimes cause irritation on the skin, but one of the great benefits of using this type of mascara removers is that it can be applied only on eyelashes rather than the entire eye area.

In this article, I will share my picks of the best Japanese mascara removers that can remove waterproof mascara effortlessly without damaging your skin and eyelashes!

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1. Heroine Make Speedy Mascara Remover

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Heroine Make Mascara is a top-selling Japanese mascara which is also popular overseas. The super waterproof mascara is known for its great long-lasting and smudge proof effects. However, because of its excellent longevity, it also has a reputation of being difficult to remove, so the brand created a makeup remover.

Heroine Make Speedy Mascara Remover (ヒロインメイクスピーディーマスカラリムーバー) is specially designed to remove stubborn waterproof mascara. It comes in a mascara-like bottle and comb which can be applied on each eyelash easily, and dissolve the mascara quickly without putting a burden. It’s blended with treatment ingredients to nourish eyelashes and has gentle and non-irritating formula.

Price: 924 yen

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2. CANMAKE Quick Lash Curler Remover

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CANMAKE Quick Lash Curler Remover (キャンメイク クイックラッシュカーラーリムーバー) is specially designed to remove CANMAKE Quick Lash Curler, a top-selling mascara primer that locks a long-lasting curl. With a cleansing oil formula, it blends easily with makeup and removes stubborn mascara (both waterproof and tubing) without rubbing. It contains 10 kinds of lash treatment ingredients and is free of colouring, fragrance, alcohol and paraben.

Price: 550 yen

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3. Privacy Mascara Remover

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Privacy Mascara Remover (プライバシー マスカラリムーバー) removes mascara three times faster that regular makeup remover. It’s designed to remove both waterproof and tubing mascara. It comes with a dual-sided comb and the special gel wraps lashes gently and dissolves stubborn mascara instantly. It contains emollient and moisturizing ingredients for eyelashes and is free of coloring, fragrance, paraben and alcohol.

Price: 935 yen

4. FASIO Easy Mascara Remover

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FASIO is a popular brand for long-lasting makeup products and mascara is their top-selling item. FASIO Easy Mascara Remover (ファシオ イージー マスカラ リムーバー) is designed to remove waterproof and layered mascara effortlessly. You can easily apply it over eyelashes using a three-dimensional comb and remove mascara without rubbing off. It contains plant derived treatment ingredients which protects eyelashes

Price: 1,100 yen

5. Kingdom Mascara Remover Essence

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Kingdom Mascara Remover Essence (キングダム マスカラリムーバー エッセンス) focuses on damages on lashes and eyelids which can be caused by removing stubborn eye makeup. This serum-based mascara remover nourishes eyelashes while removing mascara. It’s formulated to blend with mascara quickly and lift both waterproof and tubing mascara. It contains 77% beauty ingredients such as vitamin E, royal jelly and hydrolyzed silk for nourishing lashes. It also contains ingredients to moisturize eyelids.

Price: 1,100 yen

Thanks for reading! I hope you have enjoyed checking out my picks of the best Japanese mascara removers! If you regularly use waterproof mascara or top coat, I’d highly recommend to try these products!

Listed products are commonly sold at drugstores, cosmetics stores and variety shops in Japan, and some of products are also available to shop online with international shipping! If you are into Japanese beauty products, I’d recommend you to check out the online beauty store Kokoro which offers a wide selection of Japanese beauty products from premium to drugstore brands with worldwide shipping. Visit their website (Kokoro: to check more Japanese cosmetics products! Free shipping is available when you spend over 40 USD 🙂

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