10 Best Events in Tokyo in February 2024

List of Seasonal Events in Tokyo in February

10 Best Event in Tokyo in February

If you want to explore Tokyo this month of LOVE, many events are held in Tokyo cities to make your valentines more unique and romantic. In this article, I will share some of the best events in Tokyo this February 2024.

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Tokyo, being the largest city in the world, never has a shortage when it comes to things to do. Events are held all the time in so many different places. It can be super overwhelming if you are looking for a specific activity.

When it comes to events in February, Tokyo will be full of events regarding Valentine’s Day as well as winter illumination and strawberry buffets.

Valentine’s Day is without a doubt the center of focus when it comes to activities in February. It is the month of love and friendship, and many shops, restaurants, and cafes around the city will offer their original chocolate products as well as merchandise. Be sure to check these events before the 14th, because as soon as Valentine’s Day is over, all these events will end as well.

February is also the month when winter ends and spring begins. This means that all the winter events will be coming to their last days of showcasing. If you haven’t gone out to see the beautiful winter illuminations that are placed in various public locations, be sure to do it this month before they are gone.

Also, February is when you will see the most number of strawberry buffets at many hotels and restaurants across Tokyo. Strawberry season in Japan is between November and May, and many of these buffets are held between January and March. If you like sweets, then this may be a good chance to enjoy great desserts created by master pastry chefs at some of the fanciest hotels in the country.

Other than the above, February also has important national holidays such as ”National Foundation Day” and the Emperor’s birthday.

In this article, I will share with you our picks for the 10 best events in Tokyo in February 2024. I’m including events from different genres as well as locations throughout the City.

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1. Winter Illuminations

Roppongi Illumination

Many of Tokyo’s illumination spots are placed until mid-February or the end of the month. Check out our article for more detailed information to see which places have their illuminations still on.

Genre: Winter illumination
Location: Across Tokyo
Dates: Until mid or end of February

For more information about this event, check out the following article!

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2. Spring Flower-Viewing Lunch & Dinner Buffet 2024

Spring Flower-Viewing Lunch & Dinner Buffet 2024-min

A special offer during the flower season such as Camellia, Cherry Blossom, and various Spring flowers can be observed in the garden a wonderful experience of viewing flowers with delicious food in spring menus.

Genre: Spring Flower Viewing
Location: Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo camellia
Dates: February 16 to April 7, 2024
Website: https://hotel-chinzanso-tokyo.com/

3. Sakana and Japan Festival

Sakana and Japan Festival-min (1)

This event is, along with the “Japan Fishermans Festival” held in November, one of the largest seafood festivals in Japan. It has been 4 years since the last time it was held, with over 70 boothes planning on attending the festival.

Genre: Food
Location: Yoyogi Park
Dates: February 22 to 25, 2024
Website: https://37sakana.jp/sakanajapanfes/

4. ART OF MIKU (Hatsune Miku × Contemporary Art)

ART OF MIKU (Hatsune Miku × Contemporary Art)-min
© Crypton Future Media, INC. www.piapro.net

A special event about the art and exhibition of the famous Vocaloid, a virtual pop idol Hatsune Miku. There are also many collaborations of works from many creators as well as lyrics and melodies of Hatsune Miku.

Genre: Arts
Location: Parco Museum Tokyo
Dates: February 17 to March 4, 2024
Website: https://miku-art.com/jp/

5. Bunkyo Plum Festival

Bunkyo Plum Blossom Festival

Bunkyo Plum Festival is an annual flower festival held at Yushima Tenmangu Shrine in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo. It is one of Bunkyo City’s 5 flower festivals. You will see many food booths within the vicinity, so you can enjoy the plums, the food, and of course, the shrine itself.

Genre: Plum Blossom
Location: Yushima Tenmangu Shrine (Yushima Tenjin Shrine)
Dates: February 8 to March 8, 2024
Website: https://www.yushimatenjin.or.jp/pc/ume/2024/index.htm

For more information about this event, check out the following article!

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6. Disney Pal-Palooza “Minnie’s Funderland”

Disney Pal-Palooza Minnie's Funderland-min (1)

Tokyo Disneyland offers a special Disney Pal-Palooza event series “Minnie’s Funderland” where you can enjoy the whole theme park filled with Minnie Mouse cute designs pink heart polka-dots, entertainment, shows, and activities such as a parade with Minnie Mouse and friends characters, and other goods, foods, and souvenirs.

Genre: Tokyo Disney Resort
Location: Tokyo Disneyland
Dates: January 10 to March 19, 2024
Website: https://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/treasure/minniesfunderland/

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For more information about this event as well as other Disney Resort events, check out the following article!

7. Naked Snow Aquarium

Naked Snow Aquarium-min
© 2024 NAKED, INC.

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa welcomes you with its winter-themed presentation. You will see detailed winter-themed illumination from the entrance of the aquarium to the dolphin shows, and even the food menus are original to this occasion.

Genre: Aquarium
Location: Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa
Dates: December 30, 2023, to February 25, 2024
Website: https://naked.co.jp/en/works/20722/

8. Tokyo Blue Garden Winter Festival 2024

Tokyo Blue Garden Winter Festival 2024-min
Copyright © HAPPO-EN

Happo-en is a Traditional Japanese garden that has a history of over 400 years. During this festival, Happo-en will be illuminated predominantly in Blue, which creates a tranquil winter atmosphere.

Genre: Illumination
Location: Happo-en
Dates: January 19 to February 18, 2024
Website: https://www.happo-en.com/event/tokyo-bluegarden_2024/

9. Strawberry Buffets and Afternoon Teas

Grand Hyatt Tokyo Strawberry Afternoon Tea
© 2023 Hyatt Corporation

Strawberry season in Japan is between November and May. Many Hotels, restaurants, and cafes have special strawberry-themed events such as buffets and afternoon teas. These events are held usually between January and March.

Genre: Seasonal food
Location: Hotels, restaurants, and cafes across Tokyo
Dates: Usually between January and March (depending on the place)

10. Pochacco Cafe (Tokyo)

Pochacco Cafe (Tokyo)-min
© 2024 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO. L645807

In celebration of the 35th anniversary of one of Sanrio’s many characters Pochacco. The Pochacco Cafe is now available in Tokyo and Osaka, featuring unique anniversary menus with exclusive cafe art.

Genre: Cafe
Location: BOX cafe&space Q Plaza Harajuku store
Dates: February 2 to March 10, 2024
Website: https://pochacco-35th.theme-cafe.jp/

In addition to those seasonal events, there are more things to do in Tokyo in February. Check more details in these articles below.

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