6 Best Sneaker Stores in Shibuya

Shibuya has various sneaker stores including largest chain stores and popular brands such as Adidas and Nike. Get your favorite kicks!!

For sneaker lovers, Japanese pop culture town Shibuya is the shopping paradise. There are numbers of specialized sneaker stores and popular brands shops which offer well-selected kicks in Shibuya.

Shibuya is the latest fashion source in Tokyo and one of the best cities for youngsters to enjoy shopping coolest fashion items in Japan.

Shibuya is also the shopping paradise for sneaker lovers. Sneakers are all-around shoes which are used for not only running and outdoor amusement but also stylish fashion and even travels.

There are numbers of specialized sneaker stores and popular brands shops which offer well-selected kicks in Shibuya.

Moreover, some stores offer Japan’s limited models and famous brands sneakers with bargain prices.

Here are 6 best sneaker stores in Shibuya which Tokyo’s hipsters like!!

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1. Billy’s Ent Tokyo Shibuya

Billy’s Ent Tokyo Shibuya

Billy’s Ent Tokyo Shibuya is a cutting edge of sneaker stores with the concept “Keep delivering Tokyo’s sophisticated essence to the world”. Well-selected and unique sneakers are displayed on its two floors. If you want to complete your fashionable and exclusive look, Billy’s Ent Tokyo Shibuya may be the first choice for kicks stores.

Hours: 11:00–20:00

2. Adidas Brand Core Store Shibuya

Adidas Brand Core Store Shibuya

Adidas Brand Core Store Shibuya, located within 3 mins walking distance from Shibuya Station, offer the most various Adidas products for sports Adidas Originals ones for daily fashion on 3 floors. You can also make customized sneakers and running shoes with their exclusive services “RUN GENIE” and “MI ADIDAS”.

Hours: 11:00–22:00

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3. Atomos Shibuya

Atomos Shibuya

Atomos Shibuya houses over 1,000 sneakers displayed surrounded by the glass walls, selling a large range of brands kicks including Nike, Reebok, Adidas, New Balance, Atomos’s original brand and so on. Sometimes, they provide limited and exclusive models of sneakers.

Hour: 11:00–22:00

4. Asbee Shibuya Center-gai

Asbee Shibuya Center-gai

Asbee Shibuya Center-gai opened at the most energetic and busiest spot Center-gai in 2003. They deal in most of the famous brands sneakers such as Adidas, Nike,Reebok, Converse, Puma, etc. There are lots of discounted products on the total 5 floors.

Hours: 11:00–22:00

5. Onitsuka Tiger Shibuya

Onitsuka Tiger Shibuya

Onitsuka Tiger is the predecessor of Asics and has produced essential shoes for your lifestyle since 1949. Their stylish and retro designed sneakers are loved all around the world, especially in Europe. In 2015 Onitsuka Tiger Shibuya opened in the center of Shibuya as the 2nd largest Onitsuka Tiger store. You may get Japan limited models of Onitsuka Tiger at the store.

Hours: 11:00–21:00 (Weekday)/11:00–20:30 (Weekend&Holiday)

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6. ABC-MART GRAND STAGE Shibuya Center-gai

ABC-MART GRAND STAGE Shibuya Center-gai

ABC-MART GRAND STAGE Shibuya Center-gai opened in 2016 as a branch of Japan’s largest sneaker chain store ABC-MART. ABC-MART GRAND STAGE Shibuya Center-gai is one of the largest sneakers stores providing clothing fashion items as well as a variety of brands of sneakers. They regularly offer discounted kicks at bargain rates.


+1. Shibuya MODI

Shibuya MODI is one of the largest shopping complexes in Shibuya including various trendy shops in the 10-story building (B1-9F). It is especially recommended to shop cool leather shoes affordably at Haruta.

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Shibuya is one of the best tourist area and has no shortage of things to do. If you love shopping and sneakers, make sure to plan to visit those sneakers stores at Shibuya. The 6 stores gather at the same area, so you can stop by all of them!! For more info about shopping in Tokyo, check out these articles below↓↓

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