5 Best Inexpensive Japanese Makeup Brands

Best Drugstore Beauty Brands in Japan and Their Must-Buy Beauty Products

Japanese beauty items are one of most popular things to shop among foreign female visitors! Some of Japanese cosmetic brands such as Shiseido, KOSE and SKⅡ are famous worldwide for their best quality and effective beauty products, but they are also sold at high price range. If you are looking for something more affordable, but has reasonable quality, there are also many cosmetic brands in Japan which offer great value for the price! There are numbers of excellent skin care and makeup products by drugstore beauty brands in Japan.

So let’s check out 5 most popular “inexpensive” cosmetic brands in Japan, which you can easily find at any drugstores 🙂

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CANMAKE is a popular cosmetic brand known as “cute”, “inexpensive” and “great quality”. Despite the affordable price range, their products are really great value for quality. Hence, the brand is popular among female users in various generations 🙂

Top selling item: CREAM CHEEK (¥580)

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In the past 50 years, CEZANNE has managed to offer make-up products at very affordable rate with great quality based on their policy: friendly to environment, budget and your skin 😉

Top selling item: MAKE KEEP BASE (¥600)

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3. Chifure

Chifure offers the most affordable price range of all 5 brands, but it’s also known as a trusted brand for over 60 years. As well as various make-up products, Chifure offers skincare products, both are great value for the money.

Top selling item: CHIFURE LIP STICK S (¥300)

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KATE is a make-up brand by the famous cosmetic company, Kanebo. Since the launch in 1997, KATE has been one of the best-selling make-up brands in Japan, and nowadays in abroad. KATE’s make-up range offers great quality products perfect for glamorous and edgy “Tokyo” style.

Top selling item: DESIGNING EYEBROW (¥1,200)

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5. Majolica Majorca

MAJOLICA MAJORCA is an affordable cosmetic range by Shiseido. The brand offers colourful make-up products in cute antique look packages, which are hugely popular among young girls.

Top selling item: SHADOW CUSTOMIZE (¥500)

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