Best Affordable Japanese Lipsticks

Must-Buy Lipsticks at Japanese Drugstores

Japanese cosmetics products including skin care and makeup products are popular worldwide today as they are highly renowned for being high quality and effective as well as having reasonable price ranges. Finding good cosmetics products in Japan does not mean that you have to pay a lot for them.

Lipsticks are one of key items for makeup, which define the look. Since there are countless shades and different finishes and textures, many of us wear lipsticks according to the occasion, mood and trend, and we can never have enough lipsticks. At Japanese drugstores, you can find hundreds of lipstick products at affordable prices, which means you can ideally have many of them with small spending.

In this article, I’m sharing the list of the best Japanese lipsticks which are sold with affordable prices at drugstores in Japan (or you can purchase them online, too). So let’s check them out!

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1. OPERA Lip Tint N

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OPERA Lip Tint N (オペラ リップティント N) is one of the most popular and trending cosmetics items in Japan over the past years. The product won multiple honorable beauty awards including the grand prize of @cosme’s Best Cosmetics Awards, and now it’s on their Hall of Fame list.

The tint formula lipstick with highly moisturizing ingredients keeps lips moist and glossy all day without greasy feeling. The soft and transparent pigment delivers a healthy and natural semi-matte look. Shades are available with over 10 variations including red, pink, orange and burgundy.

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2. EXCEL Glaze Balm Lip

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EXCEL is a popular cosmetics brand in Japan offering trendy and edgy makeup products at inexpensive price. Their products are available at drugstores and cosmetics stores across Japan, and most of the products have prices ranging between 1,000 to 2,000 yen.

EXCEL Glaze Balm Lip (エクセル グレイズバームリップ) is a long-lasting lipstick that delivers vibrant colour and luxurious glossy look with a single stroke. The lipstick contains various beauty ingredients such as four kinds of ceramide and argan oil. The rich and smooth texture melts on your lips and keeps them moist. Over 10 chic and trendy shades are available.

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3. KATE Lip Monster

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KATE is a popular Japanese makeup brand selling high-quality, innovative and affordable makeup products. KATE’s makeup products are widely sold in drugstores and variety stores in Japan, and they are especially popular among the young generation to achieve a trendy and edgy look.

KATE Lip Monster (ケイト リップモンスター) is the brand’s top-selling lipstick that has won multiple beauty awards including @cosme Best Cosmetics Awards Grand Prize. The highly pigmented, long-lasting and moisturizing lipstick gives semi-matte finish and retains the freshly applied colour. It’s available with 14 trendy shades.

Price: 1,540 yen

4. CEZANNE Lasting Gloss Lipstick

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CEZANNA is a Japanese cosmetics brand known for producing cheap but high quality beauty products including many award-winning products. You can find most of the products under 1,000 yen that deliver excellent performances and trendy looks.

CEZANNE Lasting Gloss Lipstick (セザンヌ ラスティング グロスリップ) is one of the most popular makeup products by the brand. The lipstick contains beauty ingredients such as sheabutter and jojoba oil that keep lips moisturized and provide a glossy finish. It’s soft and smooth like a lip gloss, but long-lasting like a lipstick. There are 7 shades available.

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5. CANMAKE Stay-On Balm Rouge

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CANMAKE is a popular budget-friendly cosmetics brand in Japan. The brand has produced numbers of bestselling beauty products over the past years including award-winning products. CANMAKE’s products are famous for being affordable, great quality and cute. The shiny and girly packaging also wins our hearts.

CANMAKE Stay On Balm Rouge (キャンメイク ステイオンバームルージュ), one of the brand’s top-selling makeup products, is a lip tint balm with soft and smooth texture. The multi-functioned lip balm is highly moisturizing, glossy and pigmented and offers UV protection. There are a variety of shades, so you can find the one that suite your skin tone 😉

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6. Chifure Lipstick

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Chifure is a Japanese cosmetics brand, offering high-quality low-priced beauty products for skincare and makeup. It’s as popular as CANMAKE and CEZANNE, and the products are widely sold at drugstores and variety stores across the country.

Chifure Lipstick (ちふれ リップスティック) is the brand’s top-selling item, the slim lipstick that costs only 385 yen (case is sold separately). The product offers vibrant colour and longevity, and contains hyaluronic acid that keeps lips moisturized. With a wide variety of shades and the extremely affordable price, I’m sure you want to collect many colours!

Price: 385 yen

7. INTEGRATE Volume Balm Lip

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INTEGRATE is a Japanese makeup brand run by Shiseido, one of the biggest cosmetics companies worldwide. The main target of the brand is young users in their 20s and 30s, as they offer high-quality and inexpensive cosmetics products including several award-winners.

INTEGRATE Volume Balm Lip (インテグレート ボリュームバームリップ) is a moisturizing lip balm which contours and naturally increases the volume of the lips. The pencil type lipstick is easy to apply and allows you to create soft and plump lips. It creates a sheer look and you can add layers to create a bolder look. The product is available with 8 semi-matte shades.

Price: 1,320 yen

8. NIVEA Rich Care & Color

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NIVEA Rich Care & Color (ニベア リッチ ケア&カラー) is a tinted lip balm that provides lips vibrant colour and rich moisture. The product was recently awarded for the best lip care product by @cosme Best Cosmetics Awards.

 The highly moisturizing lipstick contains 3 kinds of beauty oil (macadamia nut oil, avocado oil and jojoba oil), and has the smooth and soft texture that provides a shiny and glossy look. It’s SPF 20, so also protect your lips against UV rays. It’s a great item to archive both lip care and adding colour and fullness to lips. 6 shades are available including red, pink and bordeaux.

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Thanks for reading! Which Japanese lipstick do you wanna try the most? Since the listed products are sold at very affordable price, I’d recommend you to try several to find the lipstick that perfectly suits you 🙂

These affordable Japanese lipsticks are widely available at drugstores and cosmetics stores in Japan or they can be also purchase online in abroad! Check an online store Kokoro offering a wide range of Japanese beauty products with worldwide shipping. Visit their website (Kokoro: to check more Japanese cosmetics products!

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