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Check out the best local Ramens in Japan

Japan is the nation of Ramen. As much as people love Ramen in each regions, they tend to create and be fond of their original regional Ramens called “Gotochi Ramen”. From north to south, prefectures to small towns, there are considerably over 100 different local Ramens in Japan! Let’s check who serves the best Ramen in Japan!

-Japan and Ramen

We sometimes forget that Ramen is originally Chinese food which came to Japan in early 20th century and used to be served only in Chinese restaurants. Yet, it did not take long for Japanese to fall in love with the dish and improved and shifted it to their own style! Recently we have found out through “Japan-Wireless Customer Survey“ that the most popular Japanese dish from foreign visitors is not Sushi or Tempura as we expected, it was Ramen which was ranked as No.1!!! A much as Japanese love Ramen, we are happy to share the delightful moments of eating Ramen with other nations!

-Gotochi Ramen

Each regions take their massive pride for their local Ramens (Gotochi Ramen). Let’s check out the major local Ramens! How many of them have you tried??

Sapporo Ramen (札幌ラーメン)

From Sapporo city in Hokkaido and it’s one of 3 greatest local Ramens in Japan. Sapporo Rame’s soup is usually miso based and the toppings includes sliced onion, beansprout and notably Hokkaido’s fresh butter and sweetcorn. As Hokkaido is a huge gourmet city, they offer Ramen with local seafood ingredients,too.

Akayu Ramen (赤湯ラーメン)

Akayu Ramen is from Yonezawa city in Yamagata prefecture. The city is known for “Yonezawa Ramen” which is their typical local Ramen but this Akayu Ramen has taken the place to be the best Ramen in the prefecture. Most remarkably Akayu Ramen has Spicy Miso paste on top which gives a great kick to the dish.

Kitakata Ramen (喜多方ラーメン)

Kitakata Ramen from Kitakata city in Fukushima prefecture is known as one of 3 greatest local Ramens in Japan. It has simple taste with soya sauce based soup mixed with light pork broth and frizz noodles.

Yokohama Iekei Ramen (横浜家系ラーメン)

Yokohama Iekei Ramen is from Kanagawa prefecture and known for rich taste with pork based soya soup and thick and straight noodles. The significant toppings are sliced pork belly, spinach and seaweed.

Onomichi Ramen (尾道ラーメン)

From Onomichi city in Hiroshima prefecture. The soup is soya base mixed with chicken stock and dried infant sardines stock from Seto Inland Sea. The ramen is topped with chopped spring onions, pork belly and small bits of lard.

Hakata Ramen (博多ラーメン)

Hakata Ramen is from Hakata City, Fukuoka prefecture and the last one of 3 greatest Ramens in Japan. Hakata Ramen has rich and creamy pork stock soup with thin straight noodles. It became famous worldwide because of  franchised Ramen restaurants Ippudo and Ichiran which has branches in Japan and overseas.

Kumamoto Ramen (熊本ラーメン)

Another great Ramen from Kyushu region, Kumamoto city. It has basic influence from Hakata Ramen but the soup is added chicken stock and noodles are thicker than Hakata one. The Ramen is normally topped with boiled egg, pork belly,chopped dry fungi and most notably Maa yu (black garlic oil) which gives great flavour.

-Yokohama Ramen Museum

The best place to taste Gotochi Ramens without travelling far is to visit Ramen Museum in Yokohama! It’s a food amusement park where you can taste the Ramen from 9 different local Ramen shops at a nostalgic post-war themed food court.

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