Universal Studios Japan Halloween 2021

“NO LIMIT! Halloween” at Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is one of the most popular places to spend Halloween in Japan. The limited-time Halloween event “NO LIMIT! Halloween” will be held at USJ in 2021 autumn! The park will be offering scary, exciting and fun Halloween experiences for both adults and kids.

There will be various Halloween-theme programs including attractions, show, parade, decoration, merchandise and food menu. The park’s popular Halloween Horror Nights including as Street Zombie and horror-themed attractions will be back after 2 years with new safety measures and social distancing. You can also meet adorable Universal characters like Minions, Elmo, Snoopy and Hello Kitty who will be greeting guests in special Halloween-theme costumes only this time of the year!

Universal Studio Japan Halloween Event 2021 will be held from 10 September to 7 November 2021. Here are limited-time Halloween theme programs you can enjoy at Universal Studios Japan this year!

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-Street Zombie

TM & © Universal Studios.

The Street Zombie is the most popular Halloween event at the park featuring the large number of Zombies roaming around the streets after dark.

-Zombie de Dance

TM & © Universal Studios.

Guests can join Zombie de Dance, the wacky and enthusiastic dance party with zombies along to the Rat-tat-tat song. The park’s popular ride attraction, Hollywood Dream the Ride also collaborates with Rat-tat-tat for a limited time.

-Gegege no Kitaro The Real: Haunted Village

TM & © Universal Studios.

The new horror maze attraction in a collaboration with the legendary Japanese yokai manga, Gegege no Kitaro. (special entrance ticket is required)

-Sherlock Holmes: Cursed Rose Sword

TM & © Universal Studios.

The horror theatre where guests will encounter the cursed incident and get into the mystery experience of Sherlock Holmes. (special entrance ticket is required)

-NO LIMIT! Time: Halloween Festa

TM & © Universal Studios.

The kids-friendly Halloween festival, featuring performers and characters in Halloween costumes dancing to the original song FESTA by the popular J-pop girls group NiziU.

-Halloween Special Greeting

TM & © Universal Studios.

The daytime greeting event, featuring the Minions and other popular park characters in special Halloween costumes.

-Trick or Treat

TM & © Universal Studios.

Kids can collect candies from the crew members by saying “trick or treat” at several locations of the park.

In addition, there will be special merchandise and food menu available for a limited time to boost the Halloween mood!


TM & © Universal Studios.

▲ left to right
Minion Plush Toy
Minion Headband
Minion Mug Cup

TM & © Universal Studios.

▲ left to right
Snoopy Parka
Snoopy Drawstring Bag Set

TM & © Universal Studios.

▲ left to right
Chucky Gadget Case
Chucky Plush Toy Keyring
Chucky Shirt

-Food and Drink Menu

TM & © Universal Studios.

▲ left to right
Dracula Dumpling (Chicken and Chilli Tomato)
Frankenstein Hot Dog (Bacon and Basil Cheese Sauce)
Chucky Cola Float

TM & © Universal Studios.

▲ Halloween Irish Set

TM & © Universal Studios.

▲ left to right
Minion vs Evil Minion Eclair (Banana and Purple Potato)
Wolf Minion Dumpling (Meat and Cheese)
Halloween Snoopy Sundae (Caramel Pudding)

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan and the park offers various special events through the year, but Halloween event could be the most exciting and special one!

NOTE: To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the park limits the number of visitors per day to avoid crowding, so it’s recommended to purchase tickets in advance. Also guests are required to wear a mask at all times in the park.

-Universal Studios Japan NO LIMIT! Halloween

Date: 10 September to 7 November 2021

Map: http://bit.ly/2O0x7B7

Official Website: https://www.usj.co.jp/web/ja/jp/events/no-limit-halloween-2021

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