Toranomon Hills Station Tower: A Culinary Haven in Tokyo

Discover the Gourmet Evolution at Toranomon Hills with Its New Array of Dining Experiences

Nestled in the heart of Tokyo’s Minato Ward, Toranomon Hills Station Tower is not just an architectural marvel but a symbol of urban culinary evolution. Rising as a towering beacon of modernity and tradition, the Tower connects directly to the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line’s Toranomon Hills Station. This 49-story skyscraper, part of the dynamic Toranomon Hills complex, includes commercial spaces, luxury residences, and a vibrant hotel.

The Tower’s journey, beginning with its establishment in 2014, marks a significant milestone in revitalizing the Toranomon area. It’s a story of transformation, bringing a modern twist to an area steeped in history and culture. Mori Building announced on January 16th that it will open 27 new high-sensitivity dining establishments in the “Toranomon Hills Station Tower” (Minato-ku, Tokyo). The area’s largest dining floor (4th floor, about 1,500 m2, 20 establishments), a spacious dining space with terrace seating on the 2nd floor (2nd floor, about 680 m2, 2 establishments), and a floor for daily shopping with food retail and dining (Basement 1st floor, about 860 m2, 4 establishments) are now available.

The Culinary Expansion in Toranomon Hills

The 4th and 2nd floors of Toranomon Hills Station Tower, along with the T-Market on the Basement 2nd floor, have become the new epicenters of gastronomy. The Tower’s 4th floor boasts the largest restaurant area in the Toranomon region, with an impressive lineup of about 20 specialty stores offering a blend of Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisines. These establishments range from Michelin-recognized venues to relaxed, casual eateries, each offering a unique dining experience.

Toranomon Hills Station Tower (4F)

Toranomon Hills Station Tower’s 4th floor has emerged as a gastronomic hub, featuring a diverse array of dining experiences. Here’s a closer look at the establishments gracing this floor:

Falò+ (ピュウファロ):

Falò is a sister restaurant to the acclaimed Falò, specializing in char-grilled Italian cuisine with the Toranomon-exclusive ‘Porchetta’ as a highlight.

Toranomon Mohri (虎ノ門 もう利):

Mohri is a creative Japanese eatery that offers an innovative fusion of Japanese and Western culinary techniques. It has special private rooms with elegant Japanese atmosphere.

Bistro CentGrammes Charbon :

Bistro CentGrammes Charbon offers a unique French bistro experience, specializing in diverse offal preparations and charcoal-grilled meats, complemented by a fine selection of international wines.

Brasserie by Plein (ブラッスリー バイ プラン):

Brasserie by Plein is a casual French dining restaurant, offering dishes like ‘Bubbly Caviar,’ which pairs sparkling wine with tuna tartare.


At Restaurant Lien, Chef Koichi Uehara, trained at Paris’s Michelin-starred “Hélène Darroze,” offers a menu of expertly prepared French cuisine using fresh, nationwide-sourced ingredients. The restaurant, named after the French word for ‘connection,’ provides a welcoming and intimate atmosphere, emphasizing a close relationship with its guests.

Lucky (虎ノ門 楽㐂):

Embracing the theme “NEXT JAPAN,” Restaurant Lien is a Japanese izakaya that warmly welcomes both locals and international guests, aiming to share the essence of Japanese hospitality with everyone. The restaurant offers meticulously prepared dishes using the freshest seasonal ingredients, paired with a curated selection of sake. At Lien, guests are invited to relax and enjoy the thoughtful fusion of tradition and contemporary culinary art.

Flour and Water (フラワーアンドウォーター 虎ノ門):

Flour and Water is a popular bakery café that is known for its bread and wine pairings, featuring dishes like ‘Beef Fillet and Foie Gras Rossini.’

Sukhontha (スコンター):

Sukhontha, a renowned Thai restaurant with over 20 years of history in Nagoya, is led by a Thai chef who trained for over a decade in prestigious Thai hotels. As a “Thai Select” certified restaurant, a prestigious recognition awarded by Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce, Sukhontha prides itself on faithfully recreating traditional Thai flavors. The restaurant emphasizes the robust use of spices, the tanginess of authentic Thai cooking, and the refreshing zest of cilantro, offering an experience akin to dining in Thailand itself.

Gyoza Mania (餃子マニア):

Founded in 2017, Dumplin Mania is a gyoza specialty restaurant inspired by the owner’s love for the flavors experienced in Beijing, China. Selected for the Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2019, the restaurant crafts its dumplings with distinct doughs for both pan-fried and boiled varieties, each made fresh upon order. Praised by enthusiasts, Dumplin Mania offers meticulously refined gyoza, inviting guests to savor their passionately crafted dishes in a lively and vibrant setting.

Unagi no Nakasho (うなぎの中庄):

Since its inception in 1932, Unagi no Nakasho has been a culinary institution, bridging dedicated food producers with discerning eateries as a food wholesaler. Specializing in eel, river fish, wild herbs, and mushrooms, the restaurant has honed its craft to perfection. Guests can indulge in thick, expertly grilled eel dishes and seasonal specialties, paired with fine sake. Renowned as a “drinkable eel restaurant,”

Nonotory Gencho (野乃鳥 幻鳥):

Yonotori Gento, a new establishment from the renowned Kansai yakitori house, specializes in exquisite dishes made from Hyogo Ajiwai Chicken and award-winning Banshu Hyakunichidori. Offering an engaging dining experience, the restaurant invites guests to savor its unique “omakase course” and enjoy yakitori crafted with special grilling techniques.

YakinikuSansui (焼肉山水):

Founded in 1976 and originally located in Kokubunji, YakinikuSansui, a renowned Japanese Yakiniku (Korean barbeque) restaurant, has been passionately committed to its motto, “If you’re going to eat meat, it should be delicious.” This dedication is evident in their choice of premium meats, expert hand-cutting techniques, and specially crafted sauces that complement the meat perfectly. In 2017, YakinikuSansui expanded to GINZA SIX, continuing to offer its authentic taste to a broader clientele in Tokyo. Now, you can enjoy their consistently loved and high-quality meats at their Toranomon location.

Sousaku Kushiage Tsuda (創作串揚げつだ):

Sousaku Kushiage Tsuda, a distinguished eatery in Aichi, Japan, serves expertly crafted kushiage (Japanese deep-fried skewers). After honing skills at the famous Rokkakudo in Osaka, the chef opened this locale, offering a variety of seasonal ingredients, freshly fried in a light, crispy batter complemented by five unique sauces. The restaurant boasts a serene, counter-focused setting and an extensive selection of international wines, ensuring each skewer is a delightful taste experience.

Toranomon Hills Station Tower (2F)

The 2nd floor of Toranomon Hills is home to restaurants offering a relaxed dining atmosphere with an emphasis on grill and European cuisine.

The Grill Toranomon (ザ グリル 虎ノ門):

An all-day dining venue known for its grill cuisine, complemented by a nostalgic touch of Western cooking and a spacious terrace.

Nichijou Chahanji (日常茶飯時):

A Japanese dining establishment where rice takes center stage, offering a ‘home-away-from-home’ culinary experience.

Toranomon Hills Station Tower (B1)

On the Basement 1st floor, a new format combining a supermarket Shinagaya, which handles specialty foods, and a popular wine restaurant “cask/W TORANOMON” will open. Exploring the Multifaceted World of Toranomon Hills


This is a complex format where a food market and restaurant merge, offering hot meals tailored to the lunch needs of office workers. Customers can combine their choice of side dishes with rice (white or brown) for a warm take-out meal. In addition to side dishes and bento, they sell a variety of carefully selected food ingredients from across Japan, snacks that are easy to eat even during work, drinks, and a selection of alcohol from around the world.

T-Market (B2 Floor)

Located directly connected to the station atrium (Basement 2nd floor), the “T-MARKET” (all 27 establishments) aims to be the city’s third place, with the izakaya “Uke” being the last of the establishments to open.

T-MARKET provides a place that offers different kinds of dining experiences, there is a Cheese store LAMMAS where you can get different kinds of Cheese from all over the world.

LAMMAS Cheese store

You can find Bars, restaurants, and delicate desserts here as well, for example, ATSUSHI HATAE is a place where you can get delicious cute cakes and desserts.


If you like Whisky, you can also check out TRAD WHISKY BOTTLE BAR.

Uké, a new venture by Kyōhei Nishi, known for his work at the innovative French restaurant ‘Neki’ and the wood-fire eatery ‘songbook’ in Setagaya Daizawa, is a novel izakaya style establishment in Nihonbashi Kabutocho. The space combines a vintage aesthetic with a fusion of Japanese and Western elements, offering a refined and comfortable atmosphere. Patrons can enjoy genre-defying, unique dishes along with expertly crafted drinks by bartender Sorato Nomura, making Uké an embodiment of modern izakaya culture that merges traditional flavors with innovative culinary concepts.


You can also find stores like NAKAGAWA MASASHICHI, which provide Japanese-designed daily life products.

In addition to its diverse dining options, Toranomon Hills offers a range of cultural and recreational activities. Among them is Mika Ninagawa’s “Eternity in a Moment,” a vibrant, color-filled art exhibition that adds another dimension to the Toranomon Hills experience.

Toranomon Hills Station Tower’s recent expansion is more than just a culinary awakening; it’s a testament to Tokyo’s ever-evolving landscape where tradition meets innovation. It stands as a must-visit destination for both food enthusiasts and those seeking an enriching cultural experience.

Toranomon Hills Station Tower
Location: Hills Station Tower, 2-6-3 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours: Weekdays & Saturdays 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM, Sundays and Holidays 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
Access: Directly connected to Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line’s Toranomon Hills Station
Official Website:

B2 T- Market Official Website:

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