The Steakhouse: Taste JOHN STONE Irish Beef in Tokyo!

The premium grass-fed dry-aged Irish Beef by JOHN STONE is now available at The Steakhouse in ANA InterContinental Tokyo

-JOHN STONE Irish Beef

In case you are not familiar with Irish Beef nor JOHN STONE, let me introduce you briefly about the premium beef brand produced in the great grassland.

Ireland is the country gifted by the perfect condition for green grass to grow with the mild climate and a plenty of rainfall which make rich soils and about 60% of the country is grasslands. Ireland is also one of the least polluted countries in the world. Over 80% of Irish cattle are fed only with grass in their entire lives and pasture raised freely on the lush grasslands. This grass based farming method is the main reason why the great tasting beef could be produced in Ireland, and the Irish beefs are not only tasty but also rich in nutrition.

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“For over five decades John Stone has built an unrivalled reputation around the world as a supplier of the finest Dry Aged Beef. Our Artisan butchers expertly select the very best Irish Beef from totally traceable herds, reared only on the freshest, greenest grass. This, combined with our unique Dry Ageing process creates a highly distinctive flavour and the most succulent meat.”
© John Stone Fine Foods Limited

JOHN STONE is a leading Irish Beef brand with over 50 years experience in supplying the finest 100% grass-fed beef raised in the green pastures of Ireland. With the traditional dry ageing process, JOHN STONE has been providing only the very best dry-aged grass-fed Irish Beef selected by Artisan butchers.

The premium grass-fed Irish beef supplied by JOHN STONE is possible to taste in Tokyo, and it has been recently added to the finest meat selection in The Steakhouse, one of the best steakhouses in Tokyo!

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-The Steakhouse

© ANA InterContinental Tokyo

The Steakhouse, is an authentic American style steak restaurant situated on 3F of ANA InterContinental Tokyo in Roppongi & Akasaka area. The restaurant offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere under the concept of “The Neighborhood Steakhouse” with the excellent standard of services and hospitality, and a wide range of Western dishes including the signature meat and seafood dishes cooked dynamically on the 3m long charcoal grill. The Steakhouse has the fine selection of the meat including the Japanese Wagyu beef (Sendai and Iwami Beef), domestic beef and imported beef as well as fresh seafood such as lobster and king salmon. The Wagyu burgers are also a popular dish at the restaurant which are available with various toppings. If you are seeking for the best places to try Wagyu beef in Tokyo, The Steakhouse is one of the most recommended places.

The Steakhouse is now one of a very few places in Tokyo where you can taste the finest dry-age grass-fed  Irish beef supplied by JOHN STONE, and the meat is available with four kinds of cuts: Tenderloin, Prime Rib, Striploin Bone-in and Tomahawk.

-JOHN STONE Event at The Steakhouse

The promotional event by JOHN STONE has recently been held at The Steakhouse, and I had a prime opportunity to join the event and to taste the very best quality dry-age Irish Beef. The event was presented by Mr. Allan Morris, the managing director of JOHN STONE who is the master of butcher with over 25 years experience. The event included the introduction of Irish Beef, the live demonstration of cutting the dry-age Irish Beef by Allan himself, and the exclusive course lunch with Irish Beef created by the collaboration between JOHN STONE and The Steakhouse, only for the event.

The course dishes were served with pairing drinks including COEDO BEER, Senchu Hassaku Junmai Sake and 2014 Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre Merlot. I got to try the meats from several different parts as well as in various cooking styles such as the roast beef salad served with seasonal vegetables and Parmesan cheese, the beef tenderloin Tataki, and the JOHN STONE beef steak selection (Striploin, Tenderloin and Ribeye) served with Yorkshire pudding and Colcannon mashed potatoes which are traditional side dish to steaks in Ireland. The course has ended with the delightful Guinness chocolate cake with Bailey’s cream and rhubarb compote.

The food was absolutely fantastic as well as the paring drinks perfectly went well with each dishes. I must also mention the top-notch hospitality of the restaurant staff at The Steakhouse. I’d love to give the biggest thumbs up to chefs, service staff and Mr. Allan Morris offering a fantastic dining experience!

The dishes were made exclusively for the event and usually not served at the restaurant, but please do not be disappointed by it cos you still have an opportunity to taste the delicious Irish beef steaks in The Steakhouse. JOHN STONE’s grass-fed dry-aged beef is available at The Steakhouse as it’s now on their grand menu. Four different cuts (Tenderloin, Prime Rib, Bone-in and Tomahawk) can be enjoyed with simply cooked on the charcoal grill to maximize its taste. A wide selection of the sauce and salts are offered alongside. Besides the meat, the paring drinks served at the event are also on their regular drink menu. Just ask staff for the recommendation of the drink to pair with the meat when you are ordering!

-Irish Beef or Wagyu Beef??

JOHN STONE’s proudly raised grass-fed dry-age beef is definitely worth trying. The mainstream of beef cuisine in Japan is in fact Wagyu as it’s one of the most significant food from the country, and a lot of tourists aim to taste the finest branded Wagyu beef such as as Matsusaka and Kobe. But if you are eager foodie or generally like beef, you really should take an opportunity to try JOHN STONE’s premium Irish Beef while travelling in Tokyo!

It’s hard to compare Wagyu Beef and Irish Beef as they taste very different and both amazing in different ways. My personal thoughts about the JOHN STONE grass-fed Irish beef are: it’s lean, tender and has very beefy flavour. Cos Wagyu beef are famous for marbling, juiciness and tenderness which you feel like the meat is melting in your mouth. In my opinion, Irish beef is much less fatty than Wagyu beef, yet still very tender and not as dry as regular red meats on the market. The beefy and meaty flavour of Irish beef is very distinctive from US or Australian beefs.

If you prefer lean red meat to fatty marbled one, I bet you’d fall in love with the grass-fed Irish beef!

-More News

The Steakhouse is currently celebrating the Rugby World Cup 2019 in the best possible way! The unique and photo-worthy Rugby Burgers are available during the Rugby World Cup.

© ANA InterContinental Tokyo

The burgers are served with Wagyu beef patty and 8 different toppings inspired by participating countries of the Rugby World Cup including New Zealand Burger with lamb slices and kiwi salsa, English Burger with roast beef and gravy, and of course Irish Burger which comes with Guinness Cheese and potato cake. Let’s show your support to your favourite team with delicious Rugby burgers!

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-The Steakhouse

Location: 3F ANA InterContinental Tokyo 3F


Hours: Lunch 11:30~14:30/Dinner 17:00~21:30

Genre: Steak, Wagyu Beef, Burger, Seafood

Budge: Lunch 2,000~3,000 yen/Dinner 5,000~10,000 yen

Online Reservation:

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