7 Top-Rated TEPPANYAKI in Tokyo

Best Teppanyaki Restaurants in Tokyo

Best Teppanyaki in Tokyo

What’s your favourite Japanese food? Sushi? or Tempura?

Let’s not forget “Teppanyaki”, a traditional Japanese style iron griddle cooking dish. It’s the great way to serve Japanese Wagyu Beef and many other ingredients including fresh seafood such as Japanese spiny lobster and abalone. Also it’s entertaining to watch skillful chefs cooking the dishes right in front of guests.

Numbers of Teppanyaki restaurants are located in Tokyo and usually with luxury style dining. Why not to treat yourself with fine Teppanyaki dishes for special occasion? In this article, I’d like to introduce some of the best Teppanyaki in Tokyo, which you won’t be disappointed with their finest quality dishes 🙂 Make sure to book your table before visiting though!

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1. Hakushu

The winner of “Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Japan” in 2016 by Tripadvisor!! Hakushu (白秋) is an extremely popular Teppanyaki restaurant among both Japanese and foreign visitors, located near Shibuya Station.

The family-owned restaurant offers authentic Teppanyaki cuisine with their warm hospitality. The finest Kobe beef and selected ingredients (fresh seafood and vegetables) are cooked on iron plates in front of the guests. Genuinely, it’s one of the top rated restaurants in Tokyo, but the price is more reasonable than other fancy fine dining restaurants.

<< Click HERE to make a reservation at Hakushu !!>>

Map: https://goo.gl/cpWHUN

Access: 4 mins walk from Shibuya station South Exit

Hours: 17:30~23:00

Budget: 10,000 yen~

2. KATSURA Steak House

Hosted by the luxury hotel The Prince Park Tower Tokyo, KATSURA steak house offers selected Kobe beef, fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables prepared by professional teppanyaki chefs in the heart of Tokyo, near to the Tokyo Tower.

In the Katsura teppanyaki seasonal course guests can enjoy not only a delicious Japanese and Western style dinner, but also a beautiful view of the city with the Tokyo Tower from the Stellar Garden. The restaurant also have a selected collection of wine and Japanese sake.

<< Click HERE to make a reservation at KATSURA Steak House !!>>

Map: https://bit.ly/3HbwQJI

Access: 7 mins walk from Shibakoen Station or Akabanebashi Station (Oedo Line)

Hours: 11:30~23:00

Budget: 25,000 yen~

3. Aoyama Gyusai

Aoyama Gyusai (青山牛彩) is a Teppanyaki restaurant located in a quiet alley of Aoyama area. The restaurant offers creative Teppanyaki dishes with fusion of Japanese and Western cuisines, with selected ingredients including Wagyu Beef and fresh seafood.

Their classic and modern venue is perfect place to spend a special night. Also the restaurant offers amazing deal in lunch time, which guests can enjoy high quality dishes with very reasonable price.

Map: https://goo.gl/Q9fD3P

Access: 3 mins walk from Gaienmae station

Hours: Lunch 11:30〜15:00 (weekdays only) /Dinner 17:30〜23:00 (closed on Sunday)

Budget: Lunch 2,500 yen~/Dinner 10,000 yen~

Website: http://www.gyusai.com/index.html

4. Ginmeisui Ginza

Ginmeisui Ginza (銀明翠 銀座) is a modern and luxury Teppanyaki restaurant located in the heart of Ginza area. The restaurant offers authentic Teppanyaki dishes with finest ingredients including Japanese Black Beef and fresh seafood, cooked right in front of guests by experienced Japanese chefs.

Be entertained by chef’s skillful cooking technique in the lavish and stylish venue. If you wish to catch the deal, visit there for lunch time 😉

Map: https://goo.gl/ukMxCU

Access: 5 mins walk from Ginza station or Shimbashi station

Hours: Lunch 11:30~13:30/Dinner 17:00~21:00 (Closed on Sunday)

Budget: Lunch 5,000 yen~/Dinner 15,000 yen~

Website: http://www.ginmeisui.jp/

5. Kisentei

Kisentei (喜扇亭) is a Teppanyaki restaurant operated by the famous Sukiyaki restaurant Imahan, which was established in 1895 and we can truly trust on finest beef. The restaurant is located at 3F of Tokyo Midtown, the 8 ha complex building in Roppongi area.

As well as great quality dishes, the restaurant offers the classic Japanese venue and the astonishing view of the city, and it’s especially romantic at night. Have the most wonderful Teppanyaki experience in the heart of the city!

<< Make a Reservation at Kisentei!! >>

Map: https://goo.gl/tteqU9

Access: short walk from Roppongi station

Hours: 11:00~24:00

Budget: Lunch 8,000 yen~/Dinner 15,000 yen~

6. Ginza Ukaitei

Ginza Ukaitei (銀座 うかい亭) is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Tokyo, serving the high quality Teppanyaki dishes with a little bit of French twist. Only selected finest ingredients are served right in front of guests, including Japanese Wagyu beef and fresh seafood.

The restaurant offers gorgeous European style decor and an open-air Teppanyaki counter, and guest are treated by the delightful Japanese hospitality. Have a top-notch dining experience in the heart of Tokyo.

<<Make a reservation at Ginza Ukaitei !!>>

Map: https://goo.gl/eXWKfW

Access: 2 mins walk from Higashi Ginza station exit 6

Hours: Lunch 12:00~14:00 (11:30~15:00 on Saturday and Holidays)/Dinner 17:00〜21:00 (Closed on Sunday)

Budget: Lunch 10,000 yen~/Dinner 20,000 yen~

7. Teppanyaki Misono Shinjuk

Teppanyaki Misono Shinjuku (元祖 鉄板焼ステーキみその 新宿店) is the Tokyo branch of the long-established teppanyaki restaurant from Kobe City. The legendary restaurant opened in 1945 as the first teppanyaki restaurant in the world.

Misono serves Japanese wagyu beef, seasonal vegetable and seafood including carefully selected the highest ranked Kobe Beef. Ingredients are cooked on an iron griddle in front of customers by skilful chefs. The Shinjuku branch is located on the 51st floor of the high-rise Shinjuku Sumitomo Building where you can savor delicious teppanyaki dishes with the stunning city view.

<<Make a reservation at Teppanyaki Misono Shinjuku>>

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/A83Ga82Fzj7CLx3Z8

Access: 10 mins walk from Shinjuku Station

Hours: lunch 11:30~14:30, dinner 17:00~22:00

Budget: Lunch 3,000 yen~/Dinner 15,000 yen~

What did you think about the list of Teppanyaki restaurants in Tokyo?? Some of restaurants can be booked directly from the attached link, so if you want to dine at these restaurants, make sure to book your seats in advance as they are all very very popular!

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