Best Food Events in Tokyo 2019

Best Food Events in Tokyo in 2019 Autumn/Winter: Wagyu, Ramen and more!

Numbers of outdoor events and festivals are held in Tokyo through the year with a variety of themes. Especially, food events are highly popular and offer amazing opportunities to try various gourmet dishes from all over Japan in one place. If you love eating or explore Japanese food culture, you should definitely visit delicious food events in Tokyo 🙂 In this article, I’m sharing the best food events in Tokyo in 2019 autumn/winter including Ramen, Wagyu Beef and more!

-Shinjuku Gekikara Gourmet Festival 2019

Love spicy food?? Gekikara Gourmet Festival 2019 (激辛グルメ祭り2019) is a food event specialized in Gekikara (super spicy) food held for 38 days from early August to mid September with 6-week rounds. In total of 54, each round features 9 food booths offering spicy and tasty dishes in various cuisines including Japanese, Korean, Thai and Indian, so you can enjoy different dishes every week!

Venue: Okubo Park, Kabukicho

Date: 7 August-18 September 2019 (Closed on 15, 22, 29 August, 5, 12 September)

Hours: 11:00~21:00


-Halloween Theme Food

Everything turns into spooky Halloween theme during the Halloween season in Japan, and numbers of cafes, restaurants and shops offer their Halloween edition food, desserts and drinks for limited time. From Starbucks Coffee to Krispy Kreme, don’t miss delicious Halloween treats available only this time of the year!

Date: September to October

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-Autumn Dessert Buffets

All-You-Can-Eat dessert buffets has been a huge food trend in Tokyo today, and they are usually held at Tokyo’s high-end hotels. Strawberry, Matcha, Tropical Fruits and Chocolate. High-quality and photo-worthy desserts can be enjoyed with various seasonal themes. During autumn, a variety of autumn/Halloween dessert buffets are offered at several venues in Tokyo!

Venue: several hotels in Tokyo

Date: September to November

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-Tokyo Wagyu Festival 2019

Copyright 東京和牛ショー2019実行委員会

One of the most popular outdoor events in Tokyo, Tokyo Wagyu Festival ( 東京和牛ショー) is held annually at Hibiya Park, Tokyo. Kobe, Matsuzaka and more, about 14 brands of Wagyu Beef from all over Japan will be featured on this event, and limited Wagyu Beef dishes are served by over 15 food booths at affordable prices.

Venue: Hibiya Park

Date: 11–16 September 2019

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-Garlic and Cheese Paradise 2019

Garlic and Cheese Paradise 2019 (ガーリック&チーズパラダイス 2019) will start in Shinjuku after Gekikara Gourmet Festival 2019. The event will be held for 9 days with 2 rounds, offering a variety of mouthwatering garlic and cheese dishes at booths as well as a huge selection of alcohol beverages. From 11:00 to 19:00, the event offers a long happy hour serving all the alcohol drinks at 300 yen only!

Venue: Okubo Park, Kabukicho

Date: 20–29 September 2019 (Closed on 24 September)

Hours: 11:00~21:00


-Rugby Burger

© ANA InterContinental Tokyo

2019 is a big year for Japan as the country is hosting one of the greatest global sports events, the Rugby World Cup! Either you are a rugby fan or not, why not to celebrate this big event with the most delicious way! One of the most popular steak restaurants in Roppongi area, Tokyo, The Steakhouse will be offering a limited-edition gourmet rugby burgers during the world cup, served with Wagyu beef patty and 8 different toppings and flavours inspired by participating countries such as New Zealand Burger with lamb slices and kiwi salsa sauce, Ireland Burger with Guinness cheese, France Burger with foie gras sauce and more!

Venue: The Steakhouse ( 3F ANA InterContinental Tokyo (Map:

Date: 20 September to 3 November 2019

Hours: Lunch 11:30~14:30/Dinner 17:00~21:30

Online Reservation:

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-Hokkaido Food Festival 2019

The biggest outdoor food event in Tokyo, Hokkaido Food Festival in Yoyogi (北海道フェアin代々木) attracts over 400,000 visitors every year. The 4-day event features around 100 food vendors offering delicious and fresh Hokkaido specialties including crab, seafood, Ramen, beef, melon, ice cream and many more. Many dishes are sold at 390 yen only for visitors to try many dishes at affordable price. There are also events and performances which visitors can enjoy and get to know about the culture of Hokkaido.

Venue: Yoyogi Park

Date: 3–6 October 2019

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-Dai Tsukemen Haku 2019

Dai Tsukemen Haku 2019 (大つけ麺博2019) is a massive food event specialized in Ramen, mainly Tsukemen style. Tsukemen is a type of Ramen which noodles and soup are served separately and the dish is enjoyed by dipping noodles into the soup. The event will be held for 33 days, featuring about 100 food vendors in total with 4-week rounds. Some of shops offers limited dishes which can be only tasted during the event. Find your favourite Tsukemen dish at the event!

Venue: Okubo Park, Kabukicho

Date: 3 October-4 November 2019

Hours: 11:00~21:00


-Sailor Moon Cafe 2019

The brand new Sailor Moon Cafe 2019 is opening at 6 cities in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka and Saitama) for limited time only this autumn/winter. The cafe will be featuring a special menu with cute and photo-worthy food and drinks with Sailor Moon characters theme. There will be a cafe store offering limited-edition merchandise only available for cafe visitors. Moreover, if you make an online reservation in advance, you’ll get special gifts 🙂


Date: 3 October 17 November 2019

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-Kyushu Festival 2019

COPYRIGHT ©2019 九州観光物産フェアIN代々木実行委員会

Kyushu Festival 2019 (九州観光・物産フェア) is a 4-day event featuring the food and culture of Kyushu Region. Around 60 vendors will be offering delicious specialties from each prefecture of the region including Tonkotsu Ramen, beef, seafood, desserts and unique signature dishes. Food in Kyushu region is quite distinguished from other parts of Japan, so visitors can enjoy the different food culture of Japan. The event also offers a large selection of regional alcohol beverages including Sake, Shochu and beer as the region is well known for alcohol products.

Venue: Yoyogi Park

Date: 11–14 October 2019

Hours: 10:00~18:00


– Winter/Christmas Dessert Buffets

After the autumn/Halloween season ends, a lot of venues host winter/Christmas theme dessert buffets from November till the end of the year. The fine quality, creative desserts are served with dreamy and wintery theme and decorations. Let’s celebrate Christmas in Japan with the most delicious treats this winter!

Venue: several hotels in Tokyo

Date: November to December

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-Tokyo Ramen Show 2019

The greatest Ramen event in Japan, Tokyo Ramen Show (東京ラーメンショー) is held annually at Komazawa Park in autumn. A variety of Gotochi Ramen (regional Ramen) from all over Japan will be gathering in once place during this 12-day event. The event of divided into 2 rounds and each round offers 18 booths of Ramen shops who have been chosen by vote before the show start. So only the greatest Ramen shops in Japan are qualified to be on Tokyo Ramen Show in each year! Don’t miss a chance to taste the best bowls of Ramen in the heart of Tokyo!

Venue: Komazawa Olympic Park

Date: 24 October-4 November 2019

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-Gyoza Festival 2019

「餃子フェス」19年秋に東京・京都で - 肉汁系の焼き餃子&ご当地餃子、お土産コーナーも - 写真1
©︎ 餃子フェス™️

The 3rd Gyoza Festival will be held at Nakano Shiki no Mori Park for 5 days. Gyoza (dumplings) is one of the most popular nation’s favourite dishes in Japan, and it’s a must-try Japanese food for every foreign visitors. During the festival, there will be food booths of selected Gyoza stores in Japan serving a variety of delicious Gyoza dishes from the classic flavour to the unique and innovative ones.

Venue: Nakano Shiki no Mori Park

Date: 31 October to 4 November 2019

Hours: 10:00~21:00 (16:00~ on the first day/ ~20:00 on the last day)


‐ Shinjuku Seafood Mania 2019

Copyright (C) 新宿シーフードマニア実行委員会

Shinjuku Seafood Mania 2019 (新宿シーフードマニア2019 〜スパークリングワインとシーフードの祭典〜) will be kicking off in Shinjuku, Tokyo following the Dai Tsukemen Haku from early November for 18 days. A variety of seafood dishes including regional dishes and international cuisine can be enjoyed with a huge selection of sparkling wines.

Venue: Okubo Park, Kabukicho

Date: 7–24 November 2019

Hours: 11:00~21:00


– Frozen 2 Cafe

Celebrating the release of the new movie, the limited time Frozen 2 Cafe is opening at 7 venues in 6 cities in Japan (Tokyo (2 venues), Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka and Kyoto) only in this winter. The cafe will be featuring a special menu with cute and photo-worthy Frozen’s character theme food and drinks. There will be also a cafe store selling limited merchandise goods.

Harajuku Venue: OH MY CAFE TOKYO (Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku Store)
Date: 15 November 2019 to 13 January 2020

Tamagawa Venue: gelato pique cafe (Tamagawa Takashimaya Shopping Center Store)
Date: 29 November 2019 to 26 January 2020

More info:

-Gotochi Nabe Festival 2019

Copyright ©2019 「ご当地鍋フェスティバル」実行委員会

Gotochi Nabe Festival 2019 (ご当地鍋フェスティバル 2019) is a 3-day food event specialized in Nabe (hot pot dish) which is a signature dish of Japanese winter. The event offers over 60 booths offering a variety of Nabe dishes from numbers of different regions from north to south in Japan as well as many other regional specialties, drinks and craft products. It’s the perfect way to enjoy chilly days of late autumn in Tokyo!

Venue: Hibiya Park

Date: 22–24 November 2019

Hours: 10:00~20:00 (~17:00 on the last day)


Thanks for reading! Wow, looks like a lot of food events will be available in Tokyo through autumn/winter! Autumn in Japan is known as the season for appetite so indulge yourself with delicious Japanese food in Tokyo in 2019 !

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