Starbucks X Kate Spade New York Collection 2020

Starbucks Japan to Release Kate Spade Drinkware Collection

Starbucks Japan releases limited merchandise collections several times a year with seasonal themes such as cherry blossoms, summer and Halloween. Their exclusive drinkware is highly popular among Starbucks fans not only in Japan but also overseas, and tend to sell out quickly after being released.

Recently, Starbucks Japan released their 2020 Christmas Holiday Collection, and we totally fell in love with exclusive, super cute merchandise including tumblers, mugs and stainless bottles with limited Christmas theme designs.

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While Starbucks fans’ next target is their New Year Collection, Starbucks Japan surprises us with their new merchandise collection, teaming up with the stylish and luxurious fashion designer brand, Kate Spade New York!

Starbucks X Kate Spade New York Collection offers 6 drinkware items including 2 tumblers, 2 mugs and 2 stainless bottles, featuring stylish and sophisticated designs by Kate Spade. Some of iconic designs of Kate Spade such as polka dots and rainbow stripes can be enjoyed exclusively with Starbucks’ logo.

The products will go on sale from 3 December 2020 and can be purchased at Starbucks Japan official online store. The collection will be available not only in Japan but throughout Asia, so if you are not in Japan, check if it’s available in your country, too!

So let’s check out the full lineup of the Starbucks X Kate Spade New York Collection 2020!

▲Stainless Tumbler 473ml 4,200 yen
left: Kate Spade Polka Dot
right: Kate Spade New York City

▲Stainless Bottle 444ml 4,200 yen
left: Kate Spade Polka Dot
right: Kate Spade New York City

▲Mug 355ml 2,300 yen
left: Kate Spade Stripe
right: Kate Spade Cat

How cute are they? The cute and stylish drinkware would be perfect Christmas gift for your loved one or yourself! The collection will be out on 3 December 2020 and available while stocks last. Like other Starbucks Japan seasonal merchandise collections, Starbucks X Kate Spade collection could sell out fast, so mark your calendar and shop them at Starbucks Japan online store before it’s too late (not available in-store)!

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