Starbucks Japan 2021 New Year Tumblers and Mugs

Starbucks Japan New Years Merchandise Collection 2021

Starbucks Japan New Year 2021

Starbucks Japan is celebrating the new year with their new merchandise collection of the year! Starbucks Japan 2021 New Year Merchandise Collection features traditional Japanese New Year’s theme drinkware as well as a limited-edition Bearista Bear!

The collection includes various drinkware (tumbler cups, mugs, stainless bottles, etc) with traditional Japanese New Year’s motif such as the animal of the year: Ox (cow), daruma dolls, komainu dog and Mt Fuji. The design is not only cute and festive, but very special about Japan. The products are only available in Japan during the 2020–2021 New Year holiday season.

The collections is available at Starbucks stores in Japan and the Starbucks Japan official online store from 26 December 2020 while stocks last. Starbucks Japan releases various limited-edition merchandise through the year including the Cherry Blossom collection and Christmas collection, and they are super popular not only in Japan but across the world. Every time new collections are released, the products tend to sell out quickly, so if you are in Japan, make sure to pop by at your nearest Starbucks store before it’s too late!

Let’s celebrate the new year with Starbucks Japan New Year merchandise collection! Here are the full lineup of their new drinkware collection!

▼2022 Starbucks Japan New Year Collection is now available▼

-Starbucks Japan New Year Merchandise Collection 2021

▲ left to right
Hanging Motif Handy Stainless Bottle 500ml 4,400 yen
Tsubaki Stainless Tumbler 355ml 3,300 yen
SHIPPOU Stainless Tumbler 355ml 3,400 yen

▲ left to right
Komainu Snow Dome Tumbler 355ml 2,300 yen
Icons White Stainless Mini Bottle 355ml 3,900 yen
Icons Light Purple Bottle 355ml 1,900 yen

▲ left to right
JAPAN Collectable Snow Globe & Mug 89ml 3,900 yen
Komainu Mug 355ml 2,000 yen
Mt Fuji Glass Mug 355ml 2,500 yen

▲ left to right
Icons Mamezara Plates Set 2,600 yen
Yellow Daruma Mug 237ml 1,800 yen
White Daruma Mug 237ml 1,800 yen
Daruma Glass Mug 296ml 2,000 yen

▲ left to right
Ox New Year Mug 355ml 2,000 yen
Ox New Year Mug 89ml 1,400 yen
Ox New Year Bearista 3,000 yen

▲ left to right
Icons Knit Cafe Cloth Set 1,600 yen
Ox New Year Beverage Card 620 yen
Hanging Motif Beverage Card 620 yen
Starbucks Gift Card Year of the OX (charged) 1,500 yen

*Note: all prices shown above are tax excluded

Sales Period: from 26 December 2020 (while stocks last)

-Winter Beverage

In addition to the merchandise collection, Starbucks Japan will also release new winter beverage series including Earl Grey Honey Whip Frappuccino and three kinds of hot tea latte: Earl Grey Honey Whip Tea Latte, Chai & White Chocolate Tea Latte and Hojicha Cream Tea Latte.

©2020 Starbucks Coffee Company.

▲ left to right
Earl Grey Honey Whip Frappuccino:  Tall size only 590 yen
Earl Grey Honey Whip Tea Latte : Short 450 yen/Tall 490 yen/Grande 530 yen/Venti® 570 yen

©2020 Starbucks Coffee Company.

▲ left to right
Chai & White Chocolate Tea Latte: Short 450 yen/Tall 490 yen/Grande 530 yen/Venti® 570 yen
Earl Grey Honey Whip Tea Latte: Short 450 yen/Tall 490 yen/Grande 530 yen/Venti® 570 yen
Hojicha Cream Tea Latte: Short 430 yen/Tall 470 yen/Grande 510 yen/Venti® 550 yen

Sales Period: 26 December 2020 to 19 January 2021

Being inspired by the beverage in Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Tokyo, Butterscotch Latte will also be served at all Starbucks stores in Japan this winter.

©2020 Starbucks Coffee Company.

▲ Butterscotch Latte (hot/cold): Short 420 yen / Tall 460 yen / Grande 500 yen/ Venti® 540 yen

Sales Period: 26 December 2020 to 16 March 2021

Next up is Starbucks Japan’s new Valentine’s Day Collection 2021!

Check more products from Starbucks Japan merchandise collections!!

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