Starbucks Japan 25th Anniversary Tumblers and Mugs 2021

Starbucks Japan 25th Anniversary Merchandise and Drink Collection

It’s been 25 years since Starbucks Coffee opened its first store in Japan (in Ginza, Tokyo) back in 1996 as the first overseas market outside of North America.

To celebrate this special year, Starbucks Japan will be hosting an anniversary project with the theme of “The Power of Coffee. The Power of Connection.” and commemorative menu, merchandise and campaigns will be available from mid April to end of August in 2021.

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-Starbucks Japan 25th Anniversary Collection

The first collection of the limited merchandise consists of various drinkware (mugs, tumblers, stainless bottles and more), featuring the anniversary logo and various motifs related to Starbucks Coffee such as green apron, mug, frappuccino and Bearista. The collection will go on sale from 14 April 2021 at Starbucks stores in Japan and the online store. Moreover, the 2nd and 3rd editions will also line up in May and July with different concepts.

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1. 25 YEARS Glass Tumbler 473ml 2,640 yen
2. Starbucks Roots Handy Stainless Bottle 500ml 4,840 yen
3. Siren Tail Silicon Strap Bottle 473ml 2,420 yen
4. Starbucks Roots Curved Stainless Bottle 355ml 4,290 yen
5. Red/Green/Yellow Collectable Stacking Mug 355ml 2,200 yen each *online store only
6. 25 YEARS Bearista 3,630 yen
7. Starbucks Roots Tumbler 355ml 1,980 yen
8. 25 YEARS Stainless Bottle 473ml 4,620 yen
9. Bearista Red Cold Cup Tumbler 355ml 2,090 yen
10. Icons Circle Tumbler 355ml 1,980 yen
11. Starbucks Roots Heat Resistant Glass 355ml 2,200 yen
12. Starbucks Roots Starbucks Mini Cup Gift 1,045 yen
13. Coffee Cherry Collectable Cold Cup Glass 414ml 1,760 yen
14. Icons Loop Stainless TOGO Cup Tumbler 355ml 3,960 yen
15. Starbucks Roots Beverage Card 682 yen
16. 25 YEARS Snow Globe 4,290 yen
17. No.25 Whip Cap Stainless Jar Tumbler 3,740 yen
18. No.25 Mug 355ml 2,310 yen

Sales Period: 14 April 2021~while stocks last

The second collection of Starbucks Japan 25th Anniversary series will be released on 26 May 2021, which includes cute and colourful tumblers, mugs and stainless bottles with motifs of hearts and humming birds. The third collection will go on sale from 14 July 2021, featuring various drinkware in summerish pastel colours and with cute animal motifs.

-Starbucks Japan 25th Anniversary Beverage

The first items of Starbucks Japan 25th anniversary beverage series will be released on 14th April 2021 with the theme of “LOVE COFFEE”, including three iced coffee beverages and one tea beverage.

▲ left to right

Coffee Tiramusu Frappuccino
Price: takeaway 669 yen/eat-in 682 yen (Tall size only)
Sales Period: 14 April to 25 May 2021

Cold Brew Coffee Frappuccino
Price: takeaway 486 yen (Short), 529 yen (Tall), 572 yen (Grande), 615 yen (Venti®)/eat-in 495 yen (Short), 539 yen (Tall), 583 yen (Grande), 627 yen ( Venti®)
Sales Period: Will be on regular menu after 14 April 2021

Double Tall Latte Shakerato
Price: takeaway 496 yen/eat-in 506 yen (Tall size only)
Sales Period: 14 April to 15 June 2021

Tea Tiramisu Frappuccino
Price: takeaway 669 yen/ eat-in 682 yen (Tall size only)
Sales Period: 14 April to 25 May 2021

-Starbucks Japan 47 JIMOTO Frappuccino

©2021 Starbucks Coffee Company.

In 2021 summer, Starbucks Japan is celebrating its 25th anniversary by releasing 47 new frappiccinos, one for each prefecture in Japan. 47 JIMOTO Frappuccino features 47 limited-edition frappuccinos created with local partners and they are available only in each prefecture.

Check the link below to find more information and the full lineup of Starbucks Japan 47 JIMOTO Frappuccino:

Thanks for reading! If you are a Starbucks fan, don’t miss a chance to celebrate this special year with Starbucks Japan’s exclusive drinkware collection and up-coming events!

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