60th Anniversary Sanrio Exhibition The Beginning of Kawaii 2021

Sanrio Exhibition to be Held in Japan: Tokyo, Nagoya and Oita

Sanrio is a Japanese company that designs and creates characters and their licensed products such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin. The company produces a wide range of character merchandise including accessories, toys, stationery, clothes and food as well as opening themed facilities such as Sanrio Puroland and character cafes, restaurants and retail stores.

Sanrio products and spots are popular not only among children but also adults who grown up with long loved characters. Sanrio has a lot of fans in Japan and overseas, and it has been making a huge contribution for spreading Japanese Kawaii culture across the world by creating over 400 adorable characters so far.

In 2021, a special tour exhibition to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Sanrio, “60th Anniversary Sanrio Exibition The Beginning of Kawaii” will be held in Japan. The exhibition features successive Sanrio characters, and visitors can explore the roots of the company including behind the scene stories and how the popular characters were created over the past 60 years.

The exhibition showcases valuable original drawing, materials and products of Sanrio characters, and past editions of Sanrio’s monthly magazine, Ichigo Shimbun (Strawberry News). Exclusive art works in a collaboration with other artists will be also displayed including  Sebastian Masuda and Lady Gaga. Besides, there will be a merchandise store selling original Sanrio products.

Sanrio Exhibition will be touring several cities in Japan. It will be first held in Nagoya City from 24 April to 12 June 2021, followed by Oita Prefecture and Tokyo. If you are a fan of Sanrio characters, don’t miss a chance to explore the world and deep history of Sanrio!

More details to be revealed near future, so please stay in tune!

<60th Anniversary Sanrio Exhibition The Beginning of Kawaii>


Date: 24 April to 12 June 2021
Hours: 10:00~19:30
Venue: Matsuzakaya Museum (7F Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store South Building)


Date: 10 July to 5 September 2021
Hours: 10:00~19:00
Venue: Oita Prefectural Art Museum (OPAM)


Date: 17 September 2021 to 10 January 2022
Hours: –
Venue: Tokyo City View Sky Gallery, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower

Official Website: https://sanriocharactermuseum.com/

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