One Piece Film: Red Products from Uta’s Jacket to Shanks’s Outfit

Check the exclusive One Piece Film: Red items related to Uta and Shanks

One Piece Film: Red

There are lots of new anime movies scheduled to show at the theater in 2022. On August 6, one of the most anticipated anime movie One Piece Film: Red was released as the 15th One Piece film title. It appears to be the highest grossing film in 2022 while there are lots of appreciated and anticipated movies in the year. One Piece Film: Red earned over 6 billion yen within the first 9 days attraction over 4 million visitors.

The smash-hit manga and anime series of One Piece are reaching the climax part, and One Piece Film: Red focuses on Red-Haired Shanks, who has played an important role since the beginning, and his daughter Uta, who appears in the anime for the first time.

Here is good news for all fans of One Piece: A variety of items with the theme of One Piece Film: Red have hit the marketplace since the anime movie was released. From the cute Uta’s clothing to the exclusive pirates beer mug, here is the list of best One Piece Film: Red products that you can get only in this season.

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1. Uta Uta no Mi

Can you believe Devil Fruits come on the market?, a Japanese online cake shop, put Uta Uta no Mi, the Devil Fruit that Uta ate, on sale as a colorful fruit cake. The round, pink fruit cake arrived at Isetan Shinjuku, which is now available on the website.


2. Uta’s Jacket

Uta’s Jacket
©︎ 尾田栄一郎/2022「ワンピース」製作委員会

Since Uta is one of the main characters in One Piece Film: Red, there are lots of items related to her. Uta’s Jacket is one of the most notable clothing items, released by a Japanese children’s apparel brand Breeze. It also offers more items including T-shirts and socks that are inspired by the movie. The collaboration items between One Piece Film: Red and Breeze are available from August 6.


3. Uta’s Hoodie

Uta's Hoodie
©O/S・F・T ©︎O/2022OP

Peach John, one of the most popular Japanese lingerie retailers, is releasing several high-quality products with the theme of One Piece Film: Red characters. There are Uta lingerie sets and hoodie that looks like the jacket Uta wears in the movie. You can also get lingerie sets related to Nami and Robin. Peach John started accepting orders from August 10 and those collaboration items will be sold from September 21.


4. Shanks’s Pajama

Shanks's Pajama
©O/S・F・T ©︎O/2022OP

In addition to the female clothing items served by Peach John, a Shanks-themed outfit is sold for male fans. The Shanks’s Pajama is made, inspired by the appearance of Shanks in the anime movie. It is also offered for women.


5. Wood Barrel Beer Mug

One Piece Wood Barrel Beer Mug
©尾田栄一郎/集英社・フジテレビ・東映アニメーション ©尾田栄一郎/2022「ワンピース」製作委員会

Pirates in One Piece like drinking. You have seen the Straw Hat Pirates and the Red Hair Pirates sometimes enjoy holding a banquet. A Japanese craft shop Ukita Kobo released wood barrel beer mugs collaborating One Piece Film: Red on August 5. There are 4 products with the emblems of the Straw Hat Pirates and the Red Hair Pirates engraved on them. It is accepting so many orders for the limited products. It is recommended to place an order as soon as possible if you want one.


6. Uta’s Songs One Piece Film: Red

Uta's Songs One Piece Film Red

One Piece Film: Red features Uta’s songs, which were released as a soundtrack CD on August 10. Just enjoy the signature songs before and after watching it.

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