Minion Summer House 2023

Minion-Themed Beach House to Open in Enoshima and Fukuoka, Japan 2023 Summer

The popular character, Minions will have their first beach house in Japan in 2023 summer! The Minion-themed beach house “Minion Summer House” will open in two locations in Japan, Enoshima Katase Nishihama Beach, Kanagawa Prefecture and Momochihama Beach in Fukuoka Prefecture.

The limited-time “Minion Summer House” offers a variety of delicious and summerish food, drinks and desserts inspired by adorable and naughty Minions such as cold noodle, shaved ice and lemonade. as well as the original Minion goods. Both menu and merchandise are designed and created exclusively for this event, which you won’t find anywhere else! In addition, there are original art and photo spots at the beach house where you can watch and take photos with Minions enjoying symbols of Japanese summer such as fireworks and shaves ice.

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If you are a Minion fan, don’t miss a chance to enjoy this summer with cute and colourful Minion themed food and drinks! Let’s take a look at the exclusive food, drinks and merchandise at the Minion Beach House, featuring cute and cheeky Minions!

-Food and Drink Menu at Enoshima Katase Nishihama Beach ROINS

-Food and Drink Menu at Fukuoka Momochihama Beach Big Banana

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-Original Merchandise

© Universal City Studios LLC.

Minion Summer House

Date: 1 July to 3 September 2023
Official Website:

-Enoshima Katase Nishihama Beach ROINS (江の島片瀬西浜海水浴場ROINS)
Hours: Weekdays 9:00~20:00/Weekends & Holidays 8:00~20:00

-Fukuoka Momochihama Beach Big Banana (福岡百道浜ビックバナナ)
Hours: 11:00~20:00

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