Little Mermaid Cafe in Japan 2023

Limited-Time Little Mermaid Cafe to Open in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya in 2023 Summer

Little Mermaid is one of Disney’s masterpiece animation movies, released in 1989 as Disney’s 28th full-length movies. The movie features the bright, energetic and curious mermaid princess Ariel as a main character, who is one of the most popular Disney princesses of all time.

In 2023 summer, Little Mermaid will have its own themed cafe, opening in 3 cities in Japan (Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka) for a limited time. With the theme of “Ariel who longs for the human world and falls in love with Prince Eric”, The Little Mermaid Seaside Cutie Cafe will offer an exclusive food and drink menu as well as limited character merchandise!


The menu includes dishes inspired by popular characters of Little Mermaid such as Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian as well as famous scenes from the movie and the images of deep sea and seaside. A wide range of cute and photo-worthy food and drink is on the menu, which represents the world of Little Mermaid. All items on the menu are low-salt, low-carbohydrate and body-friendly that meet Disney’s nutrition guidelines.

In addition, a variety of merchandise using an original design is available at the cafe shop from fashion items to interior goods as well as special gifts for visitors. Enjoy the world of Little Mermaid with cute and magical menu and merchandise this summer!

Little Mermaid Cafe will first open in Tokyo (14 July to 18 September), followed by Nagoya (28 July to 10 September) and Osaka (3 August to 24 September). Advance reservations can be made through the official website with the reservation fee of 770 yen per person.

Do you want to take a quick look at the limited menu and merchandise at the Little Mermaid Cafe? Let’s check them out!

-Food and Drink Menu

▲ left to right

Ariel Mermaid Pasta 2,299 yen
Ariel and Prince Eric Romantic Curry 2,409 yen

▲ left to right

Sebastian Sea Concert Fruit Sandwich 2,189 yen
Flounder Best Friend Pumpkin Sandwich 2,189 yen


▲ left to right

Flounder Striped Smoothie 1,419 yen
Ursula Sea Witch Frozen Yogurt 1,419 yen

▲ left to right

Ariel Kiwi Squash 1,199 yen
Flounder Pineapple Squash 1,199 yen
Sebastian Strawberry Squash 1,199 yen
Flotsam and Jetsam Blueberry Squash 1,199 yen

▲ dolomite coaster (+1,320 yen) and stir stick (+1,320 yen) can be ordered with squash drinks


▲ left to right

Iced Tea 759 yen (+2,750 yen with a tumbler/1,320 yen with a dolomite coaster)
Hot Coffee 759 yen (+2,200 yen with a mug)
Hot Milk 759 yen (+2,200 yen with a mug)

-Cafe Merchandise


Heart-shaped tin badge (6 designs) 660 yen
Acrylic Key Ring (6 designs) 825 yen
Sticker (6 designs) 605 yen
Eco Bag 2,750 yen
Handkerchief 1,650 yen
Pouch 1,650 yen
Heart-shaped Mirror 2,200 yen
Card Holder 1,650 yen
Candy Keyring 1,210 yen
Heart-shaped Cushion 3,080 yen

In addition to the original cafe merchandise, Little Mermaid Cafe also offers special gifts for visitors:

-Customers who make pre-booking (770 yen per person) and order from the menu will receive one of heart-shaped mini fan randomly chosen from 3 designs.

-Customers who spend over 3,850 yen on the cafe merchandise will receive an original shopper bag (available while stocks last)

Little Mermaid Seaside Cutie Cafe

Location : OH MY CAFE TOKYO (Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 3F)
Date: 14 July to 18 September 2023

Location : kawara CAFE & KITCHEN (Nagoya PARCO Store 5F)
Date: 28 July to 10 September 2023

Location : Collabo_Index SHINSAIBASHI
Date: 3 August to 24 September 2023

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