LINE FRIENDS STORE in Harajuku, Tokyo

The first LINE official store in Harajuku Tokyo!


In case you are not familiar with LINE, LINE is a smartphone application for instant communications (texting, phone calls,video calls etc) hugely common in Japan and many other Asian countries. LINE has launched in Japan in 2011 and it did not take long to gain huge amount of users which is over 8 million in Japan and 700 million in whole world!

One of the strong reasons why LINE has spread around so quickly could be they produces online stickers with their own characters called “LINE FRIENDS”. Because they have became massively on demand, currently they even broadcast their own TV anime show and many related goods have been sold in Japan!

The LINE FRIENDS STORE is a LINE official store which is located on Meiji Dori Street in Harajuku, Tokyo. As entering the shop, massive 3m Brown sits there and welcomes you and the shop is cutely decorated with LINE FRIENDS everywhere! They offer over 400 goods such as stationary, clothes, soft toys, tableware etc, including some limited items in Harajuku branch! Let’s have a look at some of items sold in LINE FRIENDS STORE!

They recently collaborated with shoes maker “VANS” and limited trainders are sold in VANS stores and LINE stores in several Asian countries including Japan.

In 2018, LINE FRIENDS STORE re-opened in Harajuku as the 100th LINE FRIENDS store in the world. The store consists of 3 floors and offers a much bigger lineup of merchandise than the previous store. The merchandise features popular LINE characters such as LINE FRIENDS and Usamaru as well as BT21, a collaboration between LINE and the K-pop boy band, BTS.


Address: 4–31–12 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo


Hours: Weekdays: 11 am — 9 pm / Weekends & Holidays: 10 am — 9 pm

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