Ghibli Museum Videos: Explore the World of Studio Ghibli from Home

Ghibli Museum Official YouTube Channel: Take a Virtual Tour to Ghibli Museum during the Coronavirus Quarantine

Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo is one of the most popular tourist sites in Japan, attracting tourists and anime fans across the world.

One of notable features of Ghibli Museum is the photography restriction, which all visitors are strictly prohibited to take photos and videos inside the museum (you can take photos outside). This is in order to focus on the exhibits and keep the special memory inside the heart. Therefore, Ghibli Museum remains mysterious to those who have never been to the museum.

Ghibli Museum was closed due to the prevention of spreading Coronavirus for several months since late February 2020, however, the museum launched its official YouTube channel and started sharing exclusive videos of museum diaries. These videos give us an amazing opportunity to enjoy the museum and glance the interior in detail. Yes, you can now take a virtual tour to Ghibli Museum from your home.

The first video was posted on 14 April, introducing the entrance to the museum and the reception area. As you step into the building, you are greeted by colourful stained glass windows and the fresco painting on the ceiling with some Ghibli characters.

The second video features the museum’s permanent exhibition “Where a Film is Born” followed by the third video “Night at the Museum”, sharing the night sight of the museum which visitors usually don’t get to see. The fourth video is “Cafe”, introducing the popular Straw Hat Cafe which serves dishes and drinks inspired by Studio Ghibli movies.

Fifth and sixth videos feature inside the ladies restroom and the main hall of the museum. Numbers of unique and rare videos related to the museum and Studio Ghibli’s production have been uploaded until now. If you are a Studio Ghibli fan, let’s make a further exploration of the museum from home!

▶ Ghibli Museum Official YouTube Channel

Thankfully, Studio Ghibli has been sharing with us several contents to enjoy at home since the Coronavirus outbreak started, including free download of wallpapers for video chats. A variety of Ghibli movie themed background images are available to download on the official website. (Studio Ghibli Official Website:

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Moreover, a producer and co-founder of Stidio Ghibli, Toshio Suzuki shows how to draw Totoro on a Youtube video. The video was shared by Nagoya City Board of Education as a part of the project to keep children active and smile while staying home during the Coronavirus pandemic. Toshio Suzuki is from Nagoya City and gives local kids some ideas how to spend a good time at home by lecturing how to draw Totoro step by step.

We have introduced more contents to enjoy at home previously, so please check them out if you are self-quarantine due to the Coronavirus and looking for thing to do at home!

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