Best Japanese Sunscreens for Kids

Must-Buy Japanese Sunscreens for Babies and Kids

Do you use sunscreen everyday? Many people tend to use sunscreen only during summer, but it’s actually recommended to use everyday to protect our skins from daily exposure to UV rays. Sun protection is important regardless of your age, and according to dermatologists, babies should start wearing sunscreen at the age of 6 months.

But wearing powerful sunscreens with high SPF & PA and long-lasting effect could be harsh on the skin. Specially, kids and babies have more delicate skin than adults, so you may need to pay extra care when it comes to choosing right sunscreens for them.

Do you want to find safe sunscreens that can be used for or share with kids and babies?? Numbers of Japanese cosmetics brands produce sunscreens specially designed for kids and babies with gentle and non-chemical formula. In this article, I would like to share the list of the best Japanese sunscreens for kids and babies that you can buy at drugstores.

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1. KISS ME Mommy UV Mild Gel

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KISS ME Mommy UV Mild Gel (キスミーマミー UVマイルドジェル) is an additive-free, skin-friendly sunscreen gel which is made with 90% food-derived ingredients and can be used safely for kids from the age of 1.

The gentle formula sunscreen is designed to protect delicate skin from damages caused by daily UV exposure and dryness. It keeps the skin smooth and hydrated with natural moisturizing ingredients and beauty essence including macadamia nut oil, aloe extract, acerola extract and hyaluronic acid. The hypoallergenic sunscreen is free of colorant, fragrance, preservatives, mineral oil, alcohol and silicon. Easy application with a pump bottle. It can be removed easily with soap. (SPF33/PA+++)

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2. Wakodo Baby UV Care

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Wakodo is one of Japan’s leading brands producing baby food and skin care products. The brand focuses on gentle formula skin care products which maintain the moisture and sebum balance of baby skin.

Wakodo Baby UV Care (Wakodo ミルふわ ベビーUVケア) is an additive-free sunscreen available with two types: SPF21 for daily walks and SPF35 for water activities and leisure. It protect the delicate skin from UV rays while retaining the moisture with water-soluble moisturizing ingredients (oligosaccharide and inositol) and moisturizing lipid ingredients (phospholipids and ceramide). The lightweight sunscreen cream contains silky powder to keeps the skin smooth and comfortable.

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3. NIVEA UV Water Gel for Kids

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NIVEA is a global cosmetics company and produces a variety of skin and body care products that are sold worldwide. In Japan, the brand offers a range of sunscreens with powerful UV protection and skin care effects.

NIVEA UV Water Gel for Kids (ニベアUV ウォータージェル こども用) is a sunscreen gel that protects children’s dry delicate skin from UV rays. It has a lightweight and refreshing texture and spreads smoothly without leaving white casts or unpleasant smell. It can be removed easily with regular soap. It’s blended with hyaluronic acid and eucalyptus extract as moisturizing ingredients that retain skin’s moisture and prevent dryness caused by the sun damage. It’s free of alcohol, fragrance and colouring (SPF28/PA++)

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4. Biore UV Kids Pure Milk

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The popular Japanese sunscreen brand, Biore UV offers a wide range of sunscreens for various skin type and purpose. Biore UV Kids Pure Milk (ビオレ UV キッズ ピュアミルク) is a sunscreen milk specially designed for kids’ delicate skin.

The light, smooth and milky sunscreen spreads evenly on the skin without sticky feeling. It features Biore’s original “Mineral Barrier Formula” that creates the UV-repelling protection veil on the skin. The gentle formula sunscreen is free of UV absorber, alcohol, paraben, artificial coloring and fragrance. It contains Shea butter to keep the skin moisturized. It’s water, sweat and sand-proof, but removable with regular face wash and body soap. (SPF 50+ / PA+++)

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5. Yuskin S UV Milk

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Yuskin is a Japanese pharmaceutical company since 1955. The company offers a range of skin care products for various skin types and concerns including Yuskin A series, one of the top-selling body and hand cream products in Japan.

Yuskin S UV Milk (ユースキンS UVミルクa) is a chemical-free sunscreen milk specially designed for sensitive, delicate skin. It contains shiso leaf extract and hyaluronic acid as moisturizing ingredients and protect the skin gently from everyday UV rays and dryness. The hypoallergenic sunscreen is free of colorant, fragrance, alcohol and UV absorber and can be washed off easily with regular soap. (SPF25/PA++)

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6. Curel UV Essence

Curel is a Japanese skin care brand producing a wide range of skin care products specially developed for dry, sensitive skin with the brand’s over 30 years dermatological research. The skin care series of Curel is formulated with ceramide functioning ingredients to promote healthy-looking, moisturized skin.

Curel UV Essence (キュレル UV エッセンス) is a ceramide function, medicated sunscreen cream that can be used for sensitive skin and baby’s delicate skin. It protect the skin from UV rays and prevents skin damages such as dryness, redness, sunburn, dark spots and freckles. The lightweight, water-based sunscreen essence leaves skin smooth and comfortable. It can be used as a makeup base, too. It’s free of fragrance, colorant, UV absorber and alcohol and tested for allergy and non-comedogenic. (SPF30/PA++)

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7. ALOBABY UV & Outdoor Mist


ALOBABY is Japan’s top-selling organic baby skin care brand, offering a range of skin care products which are additive-free, made of naturally derived ingredients, and gentle enough to used even for newborn baby.

ALOBABY UV & Outdoor Mist (アロベビー UV&アウトドアミスト) is a 2-in-1 UV protection and insect repellent spray which is ideal for outdoor use. The 100% natural formula organic mist is DEET-free and UV absorber-free, and contains natural aromas such as lemongrass and rosemary extracts to protect the skin. The fine mist smoothly spreads on the skin without leaving white cast, and it’s washable with warm water. (SPF15/PA++)

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Thanks for reading! I hope this article helps you to a perfect sunscreen to use with kids! The listed products are commonly sold at drugstores, cosmetics stores and variety shops in Japan, but some products are also available to shop online with international shipping! So if you are interested in these products, go ahead and try them out!

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