10 Best Japanese Rice Crackers

Different types of Japanese Senbei you can buy online

Japanese Rice Crackers or (Senbei/Sembei) are traditional Japanese snacks that are usually served to visitors with green tea from old times. It is made of rice and comes in different shapes, sizes, and flavors.  It is also one of the favorite snacks by Japanese people even nowadays, there are many types and flavors of senbei that even children will love, and match with any kind of drink.

In this article, I will share with you the best Japanese rice crackers and their different flavors but let me tell you more about the Japanese crackers in Japan.

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What are the different types of Japanese Crackers?

As I said above, Japanese crackers are a type of snack in Japan made of rice and there are three types: Senbei, Okaki, and Arare. All of them are made of rice and the difference between the three is not how it is made but its component.

Senbei (せんべい) is made from non-glutinous rice which is not sticky rice and is usually distinguished as flat, hard, and difficult to swell when cooked. Okaki (おかき) and Arare (あられ) are made from glutinous rice, which is why it swells easily when cooked and has a softer quality compared to senbei. The difference between the two is in size, the big one is called Okaki and the small one is Arare.

Japanese crackers have their own identity in other regions of Japan regardless of their taste. Just like nowadays, no matter what the sizes and flavors, whether it’s sweets or salty they call it Japanese crackers.

1. Kameda Seika Kameda no Kaki no Tane

Kameda Seika Kameda no Kaki no Tane

Kaki no Tane is a traditional Japanese snack combining small, crescent-shaped rice crackers with peanuts. Known for its spicy and slightly sweet flavor, the snack is inspired by the shape of persimmon seeds (“kaki no tane” in Japanese). It’s a popular accompaniment to beer and is loved for its crunchy texture and bold taste.

It is available in any supermarket and convenience store in Japan or you can also purchase it online.

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2. Amanoya Kabuki Age

Amanoya Kabuki Age

Amanoya Kabuki Age is a traditional Japanese snack produced by Amanoya, a company known for its high-quality rice crackers. Kabuki Age are deep-fried rice crackers characterized by their crisp texture and rich flavor, often seasoned with a blend of soy sauce and sugar for a savory-sweet taste.

You can find it at any supermarket and convenience store in Japan or purchase it online.

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3. Happy Turn

Happy Turn

Happy Turn is a popular Japanese snack produced by Kameda Seika, a leading Japanese snack food manufacturer. Known for their light, airy texture, and slight sweetness, Happy Turn snacks are rice crackers coated with a special powder that gives them a unique, addictive flavor. They are widely enjoyed for their distinct taste and crispiness.

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4. Kameda Soft Salad

kameda soft salad

Kameda Soft Salad is a senbei product by Kameda Seika, famous for its soft and light texture, contrasting with the traditional hard crunch of most senbei. These crackers are subtly seasoned with a savory blend, offering a unique, mildly salty flavor.

You’ll find these crackers easily at any supermarket and convenience store in Japan or you can also purchase them online from the link below.

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5. Pota Pota Yaki

Pota Pota Yaki

Pota Pota Yaki is a distinctive variety of senbei characterized by its unique preparation method that involves slow-grilling, which imbues the crackers with a deep, toasted flavor. This snack stands out for its slightly chewy texture and the rich, savory taste that comes from a careful seasoning process.

It is cherished for offering a different sensory experience from the usual crispiness found in traditional senbei.

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6. Masuya Onigiri Senbei

Masuya Onigiri senbei

The Masuya Onigiri Senbei is a rice ball-shaped cracker and one of the popular Japanese snacks for a long time. It is seasoned with soy sauce and topped with nori seaweed and it also has a mild flavor.

This snack combines the comforting essence of rice balls with the crispy delight of senbei, seasoned to perfection to capture a balance of flavors.

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7. Age-Ichiban


Kameda Age-Ichiban is a premium Japanese senbei offering from Kameda Seika, renowned for its exceptional crunchiness achieved through a meticulous frying process.

It is a deep-fried rice cracker flavored with soy sauce and honey. It has a light and crispy texture, a good snack for all ages.

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8. Usuyaki


The Usuyaki rice crackers are thin, crispy, round-shaped rice crackers from Kameda Seika. It gives a s salty taste that makes you addicted.

Skillfully crafted to achieve exquisite crispness, these crackers are subtly seasoned, highlighting their natural rice flavor.

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9. Norimaki Arare

Kameda Seika Seaweed Pea Pack

Norimaki Arare from Kameda Seika is a flavorful senbei that encases the savory taste of seaweed (nori) wrapped around miniature, bite-sized rice crackers (arare).

This snack harmoniously blends the oceanic depth of nori with the crisp, airy texture of arare, resulting in a snack that’s both savory and satisfying.

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10. Katabutsu


And lastly, on our list, is Katabutsu, also from Kameda Seika. This is a robust, hearty senbei that stands out for its thick, crunchy texture.

These rice crackers are meticulously baked to achieve a perfect balance between a hard bite and a flavorful finish. Infused with a rich, savory seasoning, Katabutsu offers a deeply satisfying snacking experience, making it a favorite among those who prefer a more substantial crunch in their senbei.

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