10 Best Hair Salons in Tokyo

Finest Hair Salons in Tokyo with English Service

10 best hair salons in Tokyo

Tokyo is known as one of the largest cities in Japan. Not only that, but it is also the leading city when it comes to fashion, clothes, style, accessories, and much more.

For this same reason, there are also many hair salons within the Tokyo area and some of these hair salons have staff members who can speak English. These salons welcome foreigners who are not very fluent in the Japanese language.

In this article, I will share with you some of the well-known hair salons that offer services in English in Tokyo. If you want a brand new hairstyle look for yourself, check this out.

1. Hayato Salon

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Hayato Salon is a hair salon located just 3 to 5 minutes walking from Roppongi station.

It is one of the International hair salons in Tokyo with other branches in New York and London. The stylists in Hayato’s salon are all bilingual in English and Japanese.

The salon is for both men and women. The place is relaxing with a modern Asian antique design.

2. Assort International Hair Salon

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Assort International Hair Salon is an international hair salon in Tokyo with branches in other countries such as Hongkong, Australia, and New York.

All stylists are professional and can speak English. The salon has services for nail and spa as well.

Welcome for both men and women. Easy to get to from Gaienmae station.

3. Sozo Hair and Make Tokyo

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Sozo Hair and Make Tokyo is one of the highly ranked salons in Tokyo. Their stylists are well-experienced and have a lot of overseas experience.

they can all speak English and most of the customers from Japan are celebrities and models.

Everyone is welcome both men and women. They are open every day, just having different opening times on the weekend.

4. Number 76 Tokyo

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Number 76 Tokyo is a hair salon located in Omotesando. This salon is open to everyone; men, women, and even children.

All of the hairstylists are professionals with decades of experience in the field.

They are open every day and you won’t have problems finding the place because they’re so close to the train station.

5. Ke International Salon

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Next on this list is Ke International Salon. This salon has a large number of staff members and they can speak English because they have a lot of foreigner customers.

The place is cozy and relaxing. They also have a special menu such as a head spa and other special treatments.

They open daily and it is also easy to get to since it’s near Shinjuku Nishiguchi station. Welcome to all men and women.

6. Baroque hair and nails Tokyo

Baroque Tokyo
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Baroque hair and nails Tokyo is a hair salon that came from London. The place is elegant and cozy and the staff speak English.

All women and men are welcome, and they have also a children’s cut menu so you can bring your kids with you and have a haircut together.

They closed every Tuesday and opening and closing time are different depend on the day. It’s just 8 minutes walk from Omote-sando station.

7. Shinka

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Shinka is one of the international salons in Tokyo with its own group of companies. They have several branches located in Sydney Australia and the Tokyo area.

The staff can speak English and are all professionals, highly experienced in hairstyling. The place has a good atmosphere and is relaxing. The design is very attractive and has a modern classy style.

Welcome to all men and women. They also have make-up and a kid’s menu. The salon is closed every Monday and has different opening and closing times on the weekend. It is located just 5 minute walk from Roppongi station.

8. Who-Ga hair salon

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Who-Ga hair salon has a branch in New York and here in Tokyo. All staff is highly experienced. The salon is not just for hair cut, style, and treatment. They also have nail service as well.

The place is very pleasant with its white theme backgrounds and elegant-looking equipment. It is very relaxing while you do hair on them.

They are located just a 5-minute walk from Akasaka station and are closed every Tuesday.

9. One World International Hair salon

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One World International Hair salon is a hair salon located in Azabujuban which is an area where many foreigners live. Because of this, they always have customers from other countries.

The staffs are all well experienced and they can speak English. Many hair treatments are available on the menu and kids’ hair cut is also available.

It is easy to get to the shop; just a 4-minute walk from the train station of Azabujuban. They are closed every Monday and Tuesday.

10. Gold Salon

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Gold Salon is one of the high-end salons in the Tokyo area. They have branches in Azabujuban and Omotesando.

It is a very elegant place, so much so that you wouldn’t think you were in a hair salon. It has a very relaxing classy and modern design. The staff is well experienced and professional.

The salon is closed every Sunday and Monday and is easy to get from the train station of Azabujuban.

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Thank you for reading and I hope this article helps you find a hair salon around Tokyo, especially for those foreigners who are looking for staff that can speak English.

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