Best Events around Mt Fuji

Mount Fuji Events: Lake Kawaguchiko, Fuji Five Lakes and more

Mt Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan as well as the most famous landmark of the country. Mt Fuji and the surrounding areas are popular travel destinations all year around, and there are numbers of tourist attractions such as the Fuji Five Lakes and Fuji Q Highland.

Besides regular attractions, there are also various seasonal events held around Mt Fuji area which attract even larger number of visitors during the period. Colourful flower fields, spectacular fireworks, etc, the stunning seasonal scenery can be enjoyed with the glorious view of Mt Fuji only for limited periods of the year.

In this article, I’d like to introduce the best events near Mt Fuji!

-Yamanakako Art Illumination “FANTASEUM”

Hana no Miyako Park is a popular flower park in Lake Yamanakako where various kinds of seasonal flowers can be enjoyed through the year with the glorious view of Mt Fuji. As the season for the flowers ends during winter, the illumination event takes place at the park from late November to early January.

Yamanakako Art Illumination “FANTASEUM” (山中湖アートイルミネーション 「FANTASEUM」) features colourful winter illuminations collaborating with the magnificent view of Mt Fuji and the starry winter sky. The special fireworks are also launched on weekends and Christmas and New Year Holiday seasons.

Date: late November to early January

Venue: Hana no Miyako Park at Lake Yamanakako

Hours: 17:00~21:00

-Kawaguchiko Winter Fireworks

Fireworks might be signature events of summer in Japan, yet winter is actually a great season to enjoy fireworks as the air and sky is much clearer and the visibility gets better.

Kawaguchiko Winter Fireworks (河口湖・冬花火) is a spectacular fireworks festival held over 10 times in total on Saturdays and Sundays from mid January to mid February. When the wind is calm, you can view the reflection of the fireworks and Mt Fuji on the surface of the Lake Kawaguchiko.

Date: mid January to mid February (Saturday and Sunday only)

Venue: Oike Park, Lake Kawaguchiko

Hours: 20:00 ~ 20:15

*Cancelled in case of stormy weather

-Saiko Ice Festival

One of the most spectacular winter festivals in Japan, Saiko Ice Festival (西湖樹氷まつり) is held from late January to mid February.

The festival features the dynamic art of nature, “Juhyo” the frost-covered trees with an astonishing view of Mt Fuji on the background. Some of trees are as large as 10m tall. During the festival, there will be vendors selling food and local products.

Date: late January to mid February

Venue: Yacho no Mori Park, Lake Saiko

Hours: 9:00~sunset

-Yamanakako Mt Fuji Snow Festival

An annual snow festival, Yamanakako Mt Fuji Snow Festival (山中湖富士山雪まつり) is held from early to mid February. The event features a variety of snow attractions for kids and adult such as a snow slide, hovercraft, and food and drinks stalls.

The festival is held during the Diamond Fuji Week, which is the rare time of the year when the sun is setting in the mountain top, and visitors can enjoy the astonishing scenery.

Date: early to mid February

Venue: Yamanakako communication Plaza Kirara “open field”

Hours: 10:00~16:00

Fuji Kawaguchiko Cherry Blossom Festival

Fuji Kawaguchiko Cherry Blossom Festival (富士・河口湖さくら祭り) is one of the most popular cherry blossom events in Japan in spring. The astonishing view of cherry blossoms, the lake and Mt Fuji can be captured in one picture.

The festival also features special events and a market selling local specialties, food and drinks. The cherry blossom avenue is lightened up at night after the sunset till 9 pm.

Date: early April

Venue: The north shore of Lake Kawaguchiko

Hours: 10:00~21:00 (Light up after sunset)

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Fuji Shibazakura Festival

Shortly after the cherry blossom season, the spectacular flower event kicks off near Lake Motosuko. Fuji Shibazakura Festival (富士芝桜まつり) displays 800,000 pink moss flowers flourishing on the vast 2.3 ha field on the foot of Mt Fuji, attracting over 500,000 visitors in every season.

The best viewing time is usually from late April to mid May. FYI, the event seems to get extremely crowded during the Golden Week Holiday (late April to early May) so does the traffics.

Date: mid April to late May

Venue: Fuji Motosuko Resort near Lake Motosuko

Hours: 8:00~17:00

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Fuji Kawaguchiko Herb Festival

Lavender is one of the most beloved flowers in Japan during summer, and Hokkaido is the most famous for the magnificent lavender fields. However, you can also the charming lavender flowers with the glorious view of Mt Fuji at Fuji Kawaguchiko Herb Festival (河口湖ハーブフェスティバル).

The festival also features special events and the market offering local crafts, herd products, food and drinks including purple lavender soft serve ice cream!

Date: mid June to early July

Venue: Oishi Park and Yagisaki Park at Lake Kawaguchiko

Hours: 09:00~17:00

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Fuji Five Lakes Fireworks

Fuji Five Lakes Fireworks (富士五湖花火大会) are fireworks festivals held at each lakes of Fuji Five Lakes (Lake Kawaguchiko, Lake Yamanakako, Lake Saiko, Lake Shojiko and Lake Motosuko) in the beginning of August every year. The festival kicks off at Lake Yamanakako then the grand finale takes place at Lake Kawaguchiko with the biggest number of fireworks as well as special events and a lot of food vendors.

Date: 1-5 August

Venue: Fuji Five Lakes

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Fuji Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival

The autumn leaves season is the second busiest time of the year in Japan after the cherry blossom season. And the stunning red maple leaves can be enjoyed with the view of Mt Fuji at the north shore of Lake Kawaguchiko at Fuji Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival (富士河口湖紅葉まつり).

The highlight of the event includes the maple corridor “Momiji Kairo” is the walkway lined by over 60 maple trees with coloured autumn leaves. The autumn leaves can be enjoyed after dark as well, with the special light-up during the season.

Date: early to mid November

Venue: The north shore of Lake Kawaguchiko

Hours: 9:00~22:00 (light up after sunset)

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Thanks for reading! Which Mt Fuji events would you like to join this year?? Mt Fuji is definitely one of the best spots to enjoy the seasonal events with the magnificent scenery!

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