Best Cooking Classes in Kyoto

Best Cooking Class in Kyoto: Sushi, Matcha, Ramen and more!

Food is one of the top attractions in Japan, and there are various kinds of Japanese dishes which are popular worldwide today such as Sushi and Ramen. Dining quality Japanese food at restaurants is of course a top priority while travelling in Japan among most of tourists, but how about exploring Japanese food culture in a different way?? Joining a Japanese cooking class is becoming a hot hands-on tourist attraction today!

Through cooking classes in Japan, you can learn how to make your favourite Japanese dishes from local teachers as well as learning Japanese culture, the secret skill of cooking and of course taste the dishes that you make at the class!

Japanese cooking classes are held at many locations in Japan today including Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. In this article, I’d like to introduce some of the best cooking classes available in Kyoto! If you are travelling to Kyoto soon, and seeking for unique and authentic Japanese experiences, cooking classes are highly recommended! Moreover, it’s also a great indoor activity option for a rainy day! From Ramen to Sushi, check out the best cooking classes in Kyoto.

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1. Homemade Sushi & Okonomiyaki

Homemade Sushi and Okonomiyaki
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Join a cooking class in Kyoto where you’ll learn to make homemade sushi and okonomiyaki. This 3-hour session is perfect for all skill levels and includes a comprehensive introduction to sushi and okonomiyaki-making techniques. Hosted by Emi, you’ll prepare and enjoy your delicious creations while gaining insights into Japanese culinary traditions. The class offers a hands-on, fun, and educational experience in a cozy home setting.

▶Homemade Sushi and Okonomiyaki

2. Izakaya Food Cooking Class in Kyoto

Izakaya Food Cooking Class in KyotoIzakaya is a Japanese style casual gastropub where people enjoy drinking and eating. Discover the Japanese nightlife making yourself some authentic Japanese dishes that go perfectly with a glass of sake or a beer and learn about basic ingredients used in Japanese cooking.

▶Izakaya Food Cooking Class in Kyoto

3. Vegan Ramen and Gyoza

Vegan Ramen and Gyoza
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Experience making vegan ramen and gyoza Kyoto with a class suitable for everyone! Over two hours, learn the art of crafting delicious vegan ramen broth from scratch under the guidance of an experienced local chef. The ramen noodles are premade but made sure to be vegan-friendly, as well as the gyoza wrapper. You can keep the recipe afterward! It’s a fantastic way to dive into Japanese cuisine and leave with both skills and a memorable keepsake.

▶Vegan Ramen and Gyoza

4. Bento Making Class in Kyoto

Bento Making Class in Kyoto

Japanese lunch box, called bento in Japanese, are all an art form! Carefully packed into a lunch box, usually they consist in different foods in small portions. Make 6 types of Japanese homemade dishes, including teriyaki chicken, Dashimaki-tamago (egg roll omelette), tempura, sushi roll, and miso soup!

▶Bento Making Class in Kyoto

5. Homemade Gyoza Making

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Gyoza (Japanese dumpling) is a common home cook dish in Japan, and also it’s becoming a popular Japanese dish among foreign visitors. Dumplings are filled usually with pork mince and vegetables, then fried to be crispy outside and juicy inside! Have fun with making homemade Gyoza with an original recipe and enjoy the freshly made dishes with a bowl of rice!

▶Juicy and crispy! Making Pork Gyoza from scratch

6. Character Bento Cooking

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Colourfully decorated Bento Box has become a huge food trend in the past few years. It’s extremely fun and you can learn the technique of making a perfect character bento box! Make sure to take a lot of photos before eating it!

▶Character Bento Cooking Class

7. Sushi & Matcha Class

Enjoy making sushi & Matcha
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Join the most genuine Japanese cooking class with Sushi and Matcha! The class will allow you to make two types of Sushi (Nigiri Sushi (hand-shaped Sushi) and Maki Sushi (rolled Sushi)) and Miso Soup with dashi stock. The delightful Matcha drink and Japanese confectionery will be served at afterwords 🙂

▶Enjoy making sushi & Matcha (Tea ceremony)!

8. Handmade udon noodles & Tempura shrimp

Handmade udon noodles & Tempura shrimp
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Experience a cooking class in Kyoto where you’ll make handmade udon noodles and tempura shrimp. This 3.5-hour session includes kneading udon dough with your feet, preparing dashi for the soup, and learning to make tempura batter. Hosted by Nariko, the class provides a unique, hands-on experience and an introduction to Japanese home cooking techniques. Enjoy the fruits of your labor in a friendly and educational environment.

▶Handmade udon noodles & Tempura shrimp

9. Decorated Sushi-cake&Calligraphy Experience

Decorated Sushi-cake&Calligraphy Experience
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Join a unique cooking class in Kyoto where you’ll learn to make a decorated sushi-cake and enjoy a calligraphy experience. This 3-hour session includes making a beautiful sushi-cake, preparing soup, and crafting gluten-free Japanese jelly sweets. Hosted by Taaco, the class also features a Japanese tea ceremony and a chance to practice calligraphy, with your works as a memorable souvenir. Perfect for all skill levels, this class blends culinary skills with cultural insights.

▶Decorated Sushi-cake&Calligraphy Experience

10. Wagshi Making

Wagashi Classes with a Japanese pastry chef
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How about making traditional Japanese-style desserts/sweets, such as Wagashi?? You can learn how to create beautiful-looking Wagashi made from Nerikiri dough, and enjoy tasting them with delightful, quality tea.

▶Wagashi Classes with a Japanese pastry chef : Nerikiri & Japanese tea

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